Groom Beauty Tips to look handsome in Wedding

With only a couple of weeks remaining for the wedding, you need to kick start your beauty regime. No, don’t scoff at the idea of getting beauty treating yourself. You need to realize that nowadays your daughter’s groom is given as much importance because the bride. After all, it is your big day too. So, here are wedding beauty tips that will ensure that you look absolutely dashing in your wedding.

Groom Beauty Tips to look handsome in Wedding
Groom Beauty Tips to look handsome in Wedding


For that special day, don’t get haircut from your regular barber. Go to a decent salon where hairdresser cut you hair based on your personal style, facial features and hair texture. You need to get hair cut one week before the wedding in order that it will have some time to grow into its shape. Never choose a new hairstyle just before your marriage, stay with a timeless style: a Caesar cut, layer cut or classic taper. Also, don’t shave the sideburn way too short.


Razor cuts and razor burns are a thing that you would want to avoid on your wedding. So, purchase a high quality razor or better still, choose professional shaving.

Sweat and foul breath

If you sweat a lot, then you definitely must buy cotton under vest on your own. It will absorb all the sweat and those embarrassing sweat patches away. Should you suffer bad breath then pay your physician a visit. You could be suffering from halitosis. Obtain the proper medication to ensure that foul breath does not cause any uncomfortable situations inside your wedding.

Manicure and pedicure

Have you got unsightly feet and chipped nails? Well, there’s little that a good manicure and pedicure cannot cure. They’ll clean the skin surrounding your nails, help make your nails shine and get rid of those painful cuticles.


Your white teeth should be spotless, if you want to look handsome inside your wedding pictures. You can book a scheduled appointment with the dentist or check out some home remedies. Rubbing lemon juice or strawberries might help prevent teeth staining and be sure that your pictures really emerge great.
So these were several beauty tips for you. Which beauty regime are you currently following for your wedding? Let us know within the comments column.


The body shape can make or break your thing. So, shed those unwanted weight by getting a personal trainer. Start your weight loss regime at least 12 weeks before marriage. Cardio exercises would be the best way to shed those unwanted pounds.


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