Essential Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has always been an essential beverage in countries like China and Japan. However it has become second only to water because the most popular drink in the world. Recently a multiple research studies happen to be made to explore green tea healing properties.

Side Effects Of Green Tea
Side Effects Of Green Tea

It’s been confirmed that green tea does contain various healing substances which help to prevent basic sell damage made by toxins (anything from different types of cancer to liver damage). And even though, it really is beneficial to your health there’s something you need to know before you’ll choose to make green tea one of your meal time beverages.

Negative effects of Green Tea

  • The side effects of drinking green tea mostly are associated with the caffeine it contains. Each cup of green tea contains nearly 40 milligrams of caffeine. Hence, green tea drinkers who’re sensitive to caffeine may suffer from sleeping disorders such as the loss of sleep, even for a whole night, hypertension, anxiety, irritability, a pounding heart, frequent urination, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach upset, tremors and skin rashes.
  • Another side-effect of drinking green tea is iron malabsorption. The green tea extract cuts down on the absorption of certain nutrients and non-heme iron by 25% and could cause an iron deficiency in the body.
  • Green tea comprises caffeine, catechins and tannic acids, that have been linked to pregnancy risks. Excessive intake of green tea may cause neural tube birth defect in infants. Therefore, it should be avoided throughout the periods of early pregnancy.
  • It is not advisable for kids to consume green tea as it contains tannin acids, which obstruct nutrients absorption, for example proteins and fats in your body. This further leads to weak bones, bad teeth plus some allergies in children.
  • The tea cuts down on the absorption of thiamine (vitamin B) which causes beriberi. Beriberi is a central nervous system disorder which causes weight loss, impaired sensory perception, weakness and pain in limbs, edema (swelling of bodily tissues) and irregular heartbeat.
  • It is also believed that since green teas are rich in oxalic acid, it may be accountable for kidney stones in the body. Kidney stones are mineral deposits formed by calcium, the crystals or amino acid cysteine, in combination with phosphate or oxalic acid.
  • An excessive amount of intake of green tea may cause skeletal fluorosis, particularly in middle-aged people.
  • The tea might not get along well with some medications like adenosine, blood thinners, some antibiotics, anti-psychotics, sedatives, beta blockers, MAOIs, some cold, cough and weight loss products.

People struggling with kidney diseases, heart problems, psychological disorders or stomach ulcers, ought to be careful before drinking green tea. As you may know, excess of anything is harmful which goes for green tea too. Actually, the consumption of green tea, in moderate quantities, is helpful for the body as it is good at preventing and fighting various diseases.


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