Hamstring Strength And Flexibility

Hamstring Strength And FlexibilityHamstring flexibility, critical to sports performance and risk of harm reduction, significantly improved in study participants following a massage treatment that combined a gentle tissue technique and eccentric elastic resistance. The outcomes of this study should result in more efficient treatment sessions and also the potential for helping clients and patients achieve their set goals faster.

The following Hamstring Strengthening Exercises are designed to enhance the strength of the hamstring muscles (figure 1). You need to discuss the suitability of those hamstring exercises with your physiotherapist prior to beginning them. Generally, they ought to only be performed provided they don’t cause or increase pain.

Static Techniques

After working out, or after you have performed some dynamic stretches, traditional static stretches help loosen your hamstring muscles. A number of options exist to stretch while standing, sitting or laying. While standing, for example, place your feet together and bend at the waist, trying to touch the feet with your hands. When seated, straighten your legs before you and reach for your feet, or extend one leg and bend another knee in so your foot touches your extended thigh.

Relax With Yoga

Yoga poses offer a number of options for increasing your hamstring flexibility. These poses work nicely because they tend to engage several muscles at once, helping you become more flexible during your body, even while you focus on your hamstrings. Positions range from the downward-facing dog, where you make an inverted together with your body only your hands and feet ought to be touching the floor, with your back and legs straight as well as your hips pointed toward the ceiling.

Stretching Is essential

Stretching your hamstrings should be a part of your daily routine, even if it’s a day you aren’t exercising. Stretching helps keep your hamstrings from getting stiff, which could become more of a problem in case your job requires you to spend time at a desk most of the day the compressed position from the hamstrings can cause them to shorten. Should you prefer a quick stress reliever, stretching might help. It also helps increase your circulation during your body, not just in your hamstrings.

Foam roller

The froth roller is used to release tension in fascial tissues, known as myofascial release. Place the roll on the ground and teach your client how you can lay the legs over the roll, knees straight after which gently and slowly glide within the roll.

Downward Dog

To improve flexibility in the hamstrings, chest, shoulders and calves, begin hands and knees (knees could be padded if you prefer). Curl your toes underneath you, and gently raise your hips, pressing back onto both your feet, with heels down to the ground. Straighten your arms and relax your face between your shoulders, pressing your chest back toward the thighs so you form an inverted using the hips high up in the air.


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