Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under EyesThe skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than other areas of the face. It has no sebaceous glands and has a fine texture. El born area requires special care and reflects neglect, abuse, aging, stress, internal health insurance and lifestyle very easily. In fact, dark circles about the eyes can also develop due to through genes, lack of sleep, illness, stress and lack. Therefore, along with external treatment, you should take these aspects into account in order to establish the cause and produce about the necessary changes.

Dark circles can be cultivated at an early age, like adolescence and early 20s, even though it is more common in older people. It’s because the causes discussed above. The best way to prevent dark circles is to have a nutritious and balance diet, including fresh fruits, salads, yogurt and sprouts inside your daily diet, along with unprocessed cereals, skimmed milk, cottage type cheese (paneer), lentils and beans.

Tomato paste

Tomato paste is among the most effective remedies for dark circles. You can make it easily at home. Take a couple of fresh tomatoes, one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of gram flour and turmeric powder. Blend these components nicely until they be a thick paste and put it on very gently around your vision. Rinse it off gently with water that is clean after 10 or 20 minutes. Repeating this method twice or thrice every week will make the skin tone around your eyes lighter and can eventually make your dark circles go away completely.

Cucumber and Potato

Putting slices of fresh cucumber or potato over your vision can help reduce dark circles to a large degree. It also provides your eyes a calming touch which further prevents the appearance of dark marks around your vision. Besides the slices, you can also apply fresh juices of cucumber or potato around your vision with the help of a cotton ball. It will easier to apply the juices for entire night for quicker and much more effective results.

Almond oil

Almond oil is yet another natural ingredient which is very useful for the delicate skin around your vision. All you need to do is to apply just a little almond oil over the dark circles before going to bed and wash them back with cold water the following morning. Repeating this for a minimum of a month will make your dark circles disappear almost entirely.

Crushed mint leaves

Applying crushed mint leaves over your vision will not only soothe your eyes but probably help you in getting rid of dark circles. Apply freshly crushed mint leaves throughout your eyes and leave it for Five or ten minutes. Then gently wipe them back with a clean and cold cloth. You’ll feel extremely relaxed as well as get rid of under eye circles gradually.

Orange juice and glycerin

Regular use of orange juice mixed with glycerin is an efficient way to get rid of dark circles. However, besides removing your dark circles it will likewise provide your overall skin by having an inner glow and will help make your skin around your eyes smoother and softer than ever before.


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