Underwater Hockey Equipment For Game Rules

Underwater Hockey Equipment For Game RulesUnderwater hockey, also known as is an ingenious blend of the fast-paced sport of hockey and also the taxing requirements that come with swimming under water. Even though many people are unfamiliar with the sport, it comes with an extensive list of countries which range from Argentina to Zimbabwe that have internationally accredited and recognized teams, some of which that compete in World Championships each year. While there is no Olympic event for underwater hockey, it’s still becoming more and more popular across the world.

Underwater Hockey is definitely an exciting sport involving strategy, skill and fitness. Played at the end of a pool using snorkeling gear, teams attempt to get the weighted puck into the opposing goal by utilizing short curved sticks. The game is relatively low-impact, a good cross-training activity while offering an interesting break from other traditional sports.

Object Of The sport

The object of underwater hockey is to successfully hit the puck to your opponent’s goal. The team that scores probably the most goals in the allotted time will be the winner. Obviously the sport is played totally underwater and players must remain underwater until an objective is scored. Only when a rest in play for a goal or perhaps a foul is called by the referee may players then resurface.


PlayerPlayers wear a diving mask, fins, along with a snorkel for play. Safety gear features a water polo style cap, a mouthguard, along with a glove for the playing hand (to safeguard against pool-bottom abrasion and, in certain designs, knuckle protection against puck impact). Because current rules permit a player to change the stick between hands mid-play, players might want to wear a protective glove on hands. The stick is very short (according to recent rules, only 350mm. in length, including the handle) and it is colored white or black to indicate the player’s team.


An objective is scored when a team seems to hit the puck into their opponent’s goal utilizing their stick. No other instrument or part of the body can be used in the game and any goals deemed in the future off a players body can lead to a foul in their opponents favour.

Rules of Underwater Hockey

Teams consist of 10 players with 6 players within the pool at all time. The remaining 4 behave as rolling substitutes.Games occur for two 15 minute halves having a 5 minute rest period among halves.Players generally cover zones instead of having positions but formations are available into play.Teams may also be split into attack and defence. Variations of midfield players are also noted before.Players are only able to score using the stick within their hands and cannot use any parts of the body to assist moving the puck. Players are prohibited from getting in touch with players unless they’re in possession of the puck.


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