Health Benefits Of Licorice Precautions

Health Benefits Of Licorice PrecautionsLicorice is one of the most beneficial, and also controversial, healing herbs. Advocates and users express it has been used safely around the world for centuries to treat a multitude of ailments. Critics cannot deny the herb’s effectiveness shown in research, but insist that it may have dangerous side effects. Licorice preparations as well as licorice lollies should be avoided in the event of high blood pressure, cardiac or kidney insufficiency, pregnancy, fluid retention, or myasthenia gravis sufferers (rare muscle disease). Licorice might be incompatible or interfere with prescription medications used for the treatment of hypertension or heart failure. If wanting to use licorice while under medication, use underneath the guidance of a health care practitioner.

Licorice Benefits is often used for confectionery seasoning, home remedies in addition to treatment of different illnesses. It’s very sweet and used like a source of iron. Licorice root is crushed, boiled and also the black paste extracted used like a mild laxative, treatment of coughs in addition to particular infections. It is mainly used being an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and also an expectorant.

Preexisting Conditions

Licorice root isn’t advised for people with certain preexisting health conditions. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, fluid retention problems, low potassium blood levels, glaucoma, heart, kidney, liver and thyroid disease should steer clear of the herb. Since licorice root may also facilitate the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, individuals with particular hormonal conditions (fibrocystic breasts, breast or uterine cancer) are forwarded to avoid licorice root. Additionally.

Low-fat Diet

Licorice extract is free of fat thus perfect for those on an eating plan or looking to lose weight. This can help reduce risks of getting cardiovascular disease that are normally brought about by a higher intake of calories or fats. Thus, instead of taking snacks which are usually high in calories, licorice candies really are a better option. Hence the candy can be used a snack.

Side-effect and Precautions

An excessive amount of licorice should not be taken for a prolonged time period since it is a very strong drug hence can result in health problems. People with certain health problems such as glaucoma, blood pressure, liver or kidney ailments, diabetes in addition to those on digitalis should only take a limited quantity of licorice extract. Excessive use of it may also cause damages to body muscle groups or cause a condition referred to as pseudo-aldosteronism.


Licorice extract is also accustomed to treat mild cognitive issues that arise from diabetes. The flavonoid element of licorice is used for the enhancement of memory, strengthening of body nerves as well as used to treat diseases from the liver.

Detoxification Properties

Licorice extract can also be used as an antidote in addition to detoxicant of poisonous substances in the body such as salmonella. This antioxidant property of licorice has been shown to help in treating kidney problems and therefore improving its functionality.


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