Creative Scrapbooking Ideas for Boyfriend

A well made scrapbook is filled with memories from vacations, family outings along with other special occasions. A scrapbook could be the perfect gift for any boyfriend, especially if it is difficult to find gifts for him. Fill one with mementos and photographs and every time he opens it, he’ll be able to relive all the memories he’s shared as a couple.

Scrapbooking is fun, Scrapbooks really are a common method to store and organize photographs as well as other keepsakes. It is not uncommon for women to make a scrapbook for their boyfriends showcasing their relationship as well as the time they have spent together. A romantic scrapbook is a great gift to give for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. There is a wide variety of ideas that you can include when designing a one-of-a-kind scrapbook for your boyfriend.

How To Make A Scrapbook For any Boyfriend

Pick a feeling

Picking a feeling to make a scrapbook shouldn’t be difficult for you. But when you’re struggling, here’s some assistance. Think of a feeling that you have often shared. It may be love, humor, passion, silliness or maybe tackiness (yeah! you read that right)! Once you’ve picked a sense, you can fill the scrapbook with quotes relating to this particular emotion. They could be love quotes or other famous quotes from movies, books, magazines, websites Or maybe some of the sweet nothings you have said to each other! If you’re choosing tacky or humor, you need to use some funny one-liners that are sure to crack him up!

Special attractions

As a couple, there are certain to become some really special days or occasions you have shared together. And I’m certain you’ve preserved some photographs of those special moments. It might be your first date, your first kiss, the very first anniversary, your first moonlit walk, the very first fight and so on. Remember around you can (I’m sure you already do!) and paste all of your pictures within the order they happened. Without having photographs of the 2 of you, you should use any pictures showing those incidents or days. The best product will be a book depicting all of your journey as a couple. It’s a great gift idea for your boyfriend!


This can be one of the easiest ideas to incorporate in to a scrapbook. Ticket stubs, dried flowers, paper napkins with secret notes, love letters, chocolate wrappers, gift wrapping paper, etc.; you’re sure to have saved so many small things that have something to do with your boyfriend. You need to get them out of that box. Produce a wonderful scrapbook with all the tiny items that remind you of him. Mention what each thing represents and he’ll be blown away at the things you’ve remembered and preserved!

Go ahead and take piece of paper with poems or words onto it, and one item from your inventory of papers on the top. For the last page, take the most entertaining ticket or receipt put aside from Step Two. This is pointed in the last spot, along with an entire page of what emotions were felt about this particular day with him. Relive it in writing, and he will as well, each time he opens the scrapbook.


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