Perfect Thigh Slimming Exercises For Women

Perfect Thigh Slimming Exercises For WomenMost exercises that work the quadriceps and hamstrings work the glutes. Targeting these muscles can lift your butt and tone your thighs, but spot training these areas isn’t sufficient if you want to reduce thigh fat. Slimming your thighs requires weight reduction, and the best strategy for losing weight would be to burn more calories than you consume. For slim, toned thighs along with a sculpted rear end, eat a low-calorie diet and do exercises that burn lots of calories and fully engage your gluteal muscles.

This workout for lean legs combines the best of the best thigh slimming exercises to be able to take an active approach to leaning the lower body. Built specifically to help individuals get slimmer thighs, this mixture of light resistance strength training and Pilates moves would be the perfect exercises for building long, lean muscles within the legs. As an added bonus, there’s also some abdominal toning exercises included to balance out the routine and provide the leg muscles an occasional short break.

Body Fat

The distribution of fat in your body is determined by your age, gender and genetic predisposition. This means that where your body stores the mocha latte and muffin you simply ate is not under your control, nor are you able to choose whether your workout burns fat out of your thighs or your breasts. You can’t really “spot reduce” fat stores by working in a specific muscle group. Instead, there’s two ways to slim your hips and thighs.

Methods of Weight loss

The only way to lose body fat would be to expend more calories than you take in. You can do this by reducing your calorie intake, increasing your metabolic rate or expending more calories by exercising. The Mayo Clinic recommends the absolute minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity cardio and 2 strength-training sessions per week for basic fitness.

Single Leg Circle

Lie back around the mat with your arms from your sides and your palms facing down.Start by pointing with your left foot, as though reaching out with your toes toward the ceiling, and rotate your leg slightly outward.Inhale, and trace a circle around the ceiling with your left leg, moving your entire leg, but keeping your hips still. Don’t raise your left hip off the floor.Trace the circle around the ceiling 5 times in a clockwise direction. Repeat inside a counter-clockwise direction.


Kickboxing is definitely an intense cardiovascular activity that tones muscles during your body. It uses many different kicks which are similar to those used in fighting techinques, including the low kick, high kick, combination kick and roundhouse kick. Kickboxing works the glutes, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings, plus a variety of upper-body muscles. ¬†Fitness notes that you could burn 350 calories or even more per hour in a kickboxing class. Subscribe to a few kickboxing classes in a boxing school, martial art’s center or local gym to advertise full-body fat loss while sculpting the sofa and thighs.


Like kickboxing, swimming works muscles within the upper and lower body and promotes total-body weight loss. Doing flutter kicks as you swim helps you to increase your speed and tones the glutes. Based on Harvard Health Publications, a 185-pound person burns up more than 500 calories each hour swimming. Flutter kicks isolate the glutes and have interaction the hamstrings, allowing you to sculpt a strong butt and thighs while you burn calories. If you have access to a pool, swim for 30 to An hour at least twice weekly, and do flutter kicks with every swimming stroke to shed pounds, raise your butt and tone your legs.


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