Romantic Valentines Day Poems

Love is in the air with romantic Valentine poems. Get into the romantic spree and express those hidden feelings for your sweetheart. Say those unspoken words and sweep her off her feet. Bring out the love that you share and unite inside a circle of togetherness called love.

Using these romantic Valentine poems reconnect together with your darling and show him/her your true feelings. Every Valentine poem tells an undying tale of love and commitment. So that as feelings rise this valentine open your heart and say those words that you always wanted to say. Whisper those promises that you simply mean everyday of your life. Enhance the tenderness that has remained hidden for very long.

My Own Sweet Valentine

Such as the sweetly budding rose,
Freshened with the gentle rain
Like the Evening Star that glows,
Brightest of the starry train
As being a well arranged Bouquet,
In which the fairest flowers combine,
Odours rich and colors gay,
Is my own Sweet Valentine

Coming alive

I dance round the shingle
of your passions
leaving no trace
for regret to follow along with
my flesh absorbs
the tingle
the pain that
fires awareness
of the deepest blue
I unchain the cry
of my release
just like a fledgling love
into uncharted skies
and lose myself
within the lazy shimmer
of the waves

An ordinary Old Kiss

Some people require a peck or two;
For others an easy smooch will do;
Too many, a graze will stimulate;
Several may want to osculate.

And then, there are people who need a smack;
For flowery words there is a knack.
But all I would like from you is bliss,
Which you’ll give me with a plain, old kiss!

I’m Deeply in love with You

It’s the way you say I really like you and the way you hold me
There’s just so much about you I understand fully
It’s the twinkle in your eye which i only see when you take a look at me
It’s the warmness of both hands it sends a shock right to my feet
It’s how you always amaze me, you surprise me the whole day
This I know is true Baby, I’m deeply in love with you!

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