Best Sports Supplements For Teenage Athletes

Best Sports Supplements For Teenage AthletesThe use of sports supplements by young athletes has grown dramatically. The most commonly used sports supplements among teenagers of every age group were vitamins and minerals, though “ergogenic aids are utilized by some teen athletes specifically to boost performance. Among these performance-enhancing supplements are substances for example caffeine, creatine, ephedra and other stimulants, hgh (HGH) and anabolic steroids.

Most teenage athletes continue to be in a development phase when it comes to performance and body composition. When a sports athlete is still growing and developing, significant gains can be created through optimal training and good nutrition. Introducing a sport supplement at this time may diminish the perceived need for diet and training through the athlete, preventing the athlete from reaching their full potential.


Amino acids, already established as the foundations of protein, are naturally sourced in whey and casein protein. Nevertheless, among good supplements for teens, they’re actually one of the best. Amino acids are rapidly used during workouts, and when they are not readily available, the body will sacrifice muscle tissues in other areas to compensate; quite simply, inadequate amounts of amino acids are counterproductive to effort. Individual amino acids can be taken free-form to actually improve muscle repair and stimulate muscle gains.


When discussing supplements for teens, the function of quickly absorbed carbohydrates can’t be overlooked. High school athletes or adolescents looking for energy to accomplish workouts or build muscle should think about fast-carb supplements or sport’s drinks like Gatorade. Carbohydrates for example dextrose, ribose, and waxy maize starch ought to be consumed immediately before, during, or after workouts to replenish glucose (carbohydrate) storages which are used up during intense exercise.


Many fitness and nutritional experts rank multivitamins atop the lists of supplements for teens although comprehend the lack of buzz surrounding their implementation. However, you have to keep in mind that few teenagers are consuming the required amounts of vitamins and minerals through whole-foods because their quick meals seldom render the opportunity or choice. Most high athletes still eat irregularly or unhealthily, particularly because school hours and crazy practices obstruct.


whey protein, casein protein is generally less known among teenagers. However, the slower-digesting properties of casein protein allow it to be an ideal partner to fast-digesting whey after workouts. In the past, mixing whey and casein wasn’t recommended because it was believed that mixing the two would ultimately reduce the utilization of whey. That notion continues to be completely overturned in recent years, however, because it is now proven that using both simply results in a more steady supply of critical proteins over an extended period of time.


This supplement is probably the most controversial because, even though it is easily obtained over-the-counter, the long-term effects on teens aren’t conclusive. Most physicians and sports medicine specialists don’t recommend its use by individuals under the age of 18 except under medical supervision. Even if supervised, a full dose isn’t recommended.


Zinc supplementation exhibits strong antioxidative effects and could improve performance in teenage athletes involved with wrestling, according to a study within the April 2010 issue of “Biological Trace Element Research.” They recruited 40 teenage males for the research, 20 of whom were active wrestlers and 20 sedative individuals. 1 / 2 of the members of each group were supplemented with zinc, whereas another half received a placebo.


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