Fun Luau Party Ideas for Adults

Luau party is one of the most popular themes, which people opt for. It goes well with most occasions be it someone’s birthday, anniversaries, holiday, etc. Luau parties are colorful and fun. Are they all different from other parties are that they’re lot more vibrant due to the use of colorful flowers, fruits, colorful attires, island music and dancing along with a feast that traditionally consists of roast pork, rice, fresh fruit, yams and of course those famous Hawaiian punches. Read onto know some interesting luau party planning ideas.


A luau is not a luau without pork, but an entire roast pig isn’t feasible for many home luaus. But tender baby back ribs, bathed inside a tangy sauce and roasted before the meat falls off the bone, undoubtedly are. Pair the pork ribs with teriyaki steak kebabs and spicy shrimp, and you will have something to please all your guests. Shred red and green cabbage. Add rice wine vinegar, a little of brown sugar and mayonnaise, along with a package of Ramen noodles to create crunchy Asian coleslaw. Hawaii is renowned for its pineapple, so serve pineapple inverted cake made with macadamia nuts for dessert.


Set the luau mood with bright colors, lush greenery and plenty of flowers and fruit. Use colorful beach towels as table runners. Place big leaves over the runners, for example palm fronds. Fill glass vases with sand or shells. Place candles on the top of the sand to light the patio area. Be generous using flowers in orange, bright pink, yellow and purple. Grass skirts are funky and scream luau. Rely on them as skirts for the tables and guests. Cover umbrellas with increased grass skirts or palm fronds. A palm tree produced from a base of stacked, hollowed-out pineapples topped having a silk fern provide a centerpiece to have an abundant display of fresh fruit. Hungry guests might help themselves to papaya, mango slices, strawberries and kiwis when they wait for the main entree.

Luau Party Games

No kids’ luau party is completed without some fun games! Here are some ideas to maintain your little party guests busy.
Limbo: Take advantage of a broom handle or look for a bamboo stick at your local party supply store. Elect a few to hold the stick sufficient so that everyone can pass under it easily the very first time. Be sure to set the mood with some playful tropical island tunes. After each individual has gone under the stick once, lower it after which lower it until the last person helps it be!

Hula Hoop Contest:, Distribute hula hoops to each guest and play a very beautiful song to hula to. Whoever lasts an extended wins! Add to the challenge start by making players, hula hoop, in the grass skirt or fruit hat!
Costume Contest: Have guests are available in their best tropical attire. Hand out prizes for most creative, best dressed, silliest costume etc.

Beachball , Toss:, A great game for younger kids. Get medium-sized beach balls and partner up each player. Ask them to toss the beach ball backwards and forwards, each time taking one step from their partner. The last pair to ensure that you catch the furthest apart wins!

Ocean in the Bottle: Give each child a baby food jar, or any other small jar or clear water bottle. Then they add small sea beads, glitter, water, baby oil and blue food coloring to create their own ocean! Make sure to hot glue the tops shut there aren’t any ocean spills.


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