Valentine Day Outdoor Activities For Kids

Valentine Day Outdoor Activities For KidsValentine’s Day activities get your child to lovingly create cards, snacks, and crafts. This heart-filled February holiday is really a fun time to celebrate love and friendship together with your child. Your little crafter might have fun preparing for February 14 by doing Valentine’s Day outdoor activities. A number of these Valentine’s Day activities make nice presents that the child can gift to family and friends. Sip some raspberry hot cocoa with your child as you create a melted crayon heart, plate a Valentine’s Day salad, and create a red-and-pink mailbox. Bring some like to your craft table with Valentine Day outdoorActivities.

Heart Butterflies

Teach children the idea of large, medium, and small while making adorable butterflies. Visit the site The Lesson Plan Diva to download the pattern and find out a photograph of the finished project. Print enough for your little eager learners. Instruct the kids to cut out the heart shapes. Children who’re challenged with cutting skills may require help. After all the hearts are eliminate, help the children lay one small heart, one medium-sized heart, and one large heart before them.

Paper Plate Valentine Holders

Valentine holders produced from shoe boxes are adorable but there’s another option. Paper Plate Valentine Holders are inexpensive and they’re quick and easy for preschool children to create all by themselves. All you need are three paper plates per child, crayons, and glue (or perhaps a stapler if the teacher would rather staple the projects for the kids instead).

Valentine Candy Graph

You will have to prepare a graph ahead of time for this activity or download one from 2 Teaching Mommies. Give each child a duplicate of the candy graph after which distribute a handful of old-fashioned Valentine Candy Hearts to every child. Tell them not to consume the candy – at least not. Instruct the children to place their candy pieces into corresponding rows around the graph. After all the candy pieces are put in a graphing square.

Candy Matching

Cut heart shapes from construction paper so they resemble traditional heart shaped Valentine candies. Rather than messages, write letters onto each one of these. Be sure to write each letter twice. Should you complete the alphabet, you’ll be with 52 hearts. Matching the whole alphabet might be too overwhelming for your preschool children so divide the alphabet up allowing you to have several sets with letters in every set.

Coloring Book

Print several heart shapes on white paper. Over the heart, write color words. Eliminate a square or triangle round the heart and color words to be able to assemble a book from the pages. Give each child some color pages. Discuss color words together with your preschool children to help them start to recognize color words. Some preschool children will become familiar with the words more easily than others.

Heart Puzzle

Print photographs of your children or students. Use individual photographs or use photographs from the children working together in groups. Be sure you have parental permission to make use of their child’s photographs for school related activities. You may also use magazine images or use the internet and locate free images. Paste the pictures or images onto durable card-stock. After the glue dries, cut the pictures into heart shapes. Then cut the center shaped images into smaller pieces to produce a puzzle. Allow the children time for you to practice putting the puzzles together. If at all possible, make enough for each child. After Valentine Day.


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