Valentine’s Day Scrapbooks for Boyfriends

Valentines Day provides the perfect opportunity to create a scrapbook page showcasing your love for your new baby. Although many celebrations on this day are full of feminine touches like flowers, ribbons, and glitter, there are still ways to create a lovely tribute for your son that celebrates the vacation in a slightly more masculine way.

Palettes for Valentines Day Scrapbook Layouts

If you have a boy, take advantage of Valentines Day scrapbook layouts as a chance to make use of the pink patterned papers that you normally don’t have a place for inside your baby scrapbook album. While you don’t want a whole page covered with pink, it’s perfectly acceptable to mat a photograph in pink paper. You can preserve the page looking masculine by including liberal amounts of red in addition to neutrals like cream, tan, and cocoa. Adding small touches of metals, for example copper brads or gold eyelets, can also help keep the layout from looking overly feminine.

Many novice scrapbookers think they must choose color schemes that perfectly match their photos, however this isn’t necessary in order to make successful Valentines Day scrapbook pages. If you want to use a seasonal color scheme that doesn’t opt for your pictures, simply convert the pictures to black and white or perhaps a sepia tone using your favorite image editing software.

Choosing Your Materials

Use quality materials, like archival-quality scrapbook papers and adhesives. You don’t want your beautiful gift to fall apart in a few months because you decided to save a few pennies on glue. If you aren’t certain which materials to purchase, visit your local craft or scrapbook shop and talk to an employee—they’ll guide you in the right direction.

When choosing papers and embellishments, keep your recipient’s taste in mind as well as your own. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day does not mean your scrapbook needs to be all frills and pink candy hearts. You are able to go bold with red-and-white stripes, or perhaps a bit more dark and sexy having a black-and-red theme. Dark pink and chocolate brown create a modern, elegant color combo too. For a classical or Victorian look, find vintage greeting cards, cut the illustrations from their store and scatter them with the book.

Writing Your Feelings

Images are important in a scrapbook pages, but don’t forget the words. You are able to go the extra mile and write a brief story or poem about how exactly you two met, and then inscribe it within the scrapbook, a few lines per page. If you are ready to pop the question, you could utilize the scrapbook as an aid, and write your proposal around the last page. But whether you go so far as that, your personalized message is only going to add to the romance of the book.


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