Best Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Best Yoga Poses For Better DigestionOne of the many health benefits of Yoga is that it can aid digestion as well as reducing you from problems like acidity, heavy stomach, acid refluxes, gas, stomach pain and constipation that originate from digestion. Yoga Poses to Improve DigestionCertain yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama techniques might help stimulate the stomach, pancreas and also the intestines which in turn increases gastrointestinal circulation, food absorption and mucous production. They are able to also reduce gas and acid within the stomach as well as help with constipation. The important thing to Improving Digestion with Yoga Poses would be to practice it on an empty stomach, preferably within the morning and to start with Pranayama followed by some Asanas.

Standing Spinal Twist

Begin your hands and knees. Step your right foot involving the hands so it’s bent like a 90 -degree angle. Bring your hands to prayer in the center of the chest before twisting your left shoulder and left arm away from right knee, twisting the entire trunk over the leg. Press the prayer from the chest. Remain here or tuck the back toes and lengthen the rear leg up into a full lunge position. Ensure that your torso remains wedged on the outside of the leading leg since the twist area of the pose is what stimulates the color and also the abdominal organs. Hold for five breaths before repeating on the other hand.

Knee Pose

Start seated with legs extended. Bend right knee in to the chest and place right foot from the left inner thigh up to possible. Twist towards your left leg with back straight, bringing your torso consistent with your left leg before reaching with both of your hands towards the left foot for any forward bend and a twist in a single. Hold for 5 breaths before switching sides to Improves digestion, relieves stress and menstrual discomfort, and stimulate the kidneys and liver.


Balasana, Child’s Pose, compresses the abdomen and massages the interior organs. Similar to apanasana, this pose energizes the digestive system.From lying on your back, hug your legs in once more. Roll for your right side, using the right arm like a pillow for the head. Take an inhale and, around the exhale, use the top arm to push-up to seated. Come to kneel around the knees and sit back to the heels. Bringing the knees comfortably wide, fold within the legs and rest your forehead on the ground.

Downward-Facing Dog

One of the most widely recognized yoga poses downward-facing dog is definitely an all-over stretch that brings the body into alignment and relieves stress to assist with digestion. Since it inverts the torso, it’s not advised for those suffering from nausea, heartburn, or indigestion; but downward-facing dog might help relax your gastrointestinal tract and be aware of your body as you’re eating.


This aasana strengthens your legs, knees, ankles and chest. It may also help improve digestion and improves one’s metabolic rate. Apart from that it improves mental equilibrium causing you to more calm, reduces panic and anxiety, thereby helping you beat acidity and linked to stress stomach ailments like constipation.


This pose reveals the chest, improves breathing, reduces stress, strengthens shoulders, back and abdomen and most importantly improves circulation and digestion. The pose is excellent in helping the stomach acids function normally thereby assisting you beat symptoms like acidity,


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