Creative Scrapbook Ideas for a Memorial Page

Scrapbooking is a great way to document important people, events, and themes in your lifetime and the lives of others. Scrapbooks combine the practicality of photo albums using the artful touch of something handmade, resulting in a product of immense sentimental value to a lot of. If you are new to scrapbooking, some creative ideas will help to get you on your way to creating beautiful scrapbooks that you simply and your family will love for generations to come.

Follow these simple steps below and you’ll find your scrapbooking project simpler to handle:

Plan and organize your scrapbook pages

To start with, you will need your title, intro and table of contents pages to introduce your scrapbook. You can also create sections to separate your scrapbook and plan the contents that you want to put inside each sections. The last page will be the closing page. Jot down what you want to put into these pages and maybe sort your photos accordingly. Having everything organized can make it easier for you to start your scrapbooking project later. You will also able to visualize and determine how your storyline will go and what material to use.

Start to design your scrapbook

Decide how big you want your scrapbook to be. What paper sizes do you want to use? What color scheme and where you want to place your photos and your text. Draw your scrapbook layout on the piece of paper so that you will not forget your ideas. You can always label this you are doing your scrapbook.

Picture Choices

If your teen carries her camera with her everywhere, she probably has many pictures that can go into her scrapbook. Making scrapbooks could possibly get expensive, so paring down her photos to simply a couple per event can help to save money and keeps her book from getting so fat she cannot lift it. Vacations, parties with friends, graduations, family functions, special outings, and holidays are memorable events that your teen may include in her book. She can include photos of herself with friends, cousins, siblings and folks who have a special place in her life.

Page Layouts

Unique scrapbook page layouts keep the teen’s book interesting and enjoyable to look at. Making each page different keeps the scrapbook pages from appearing exactly the same, which makes it more attractive and fun to page through. Use patterned scrapbook paper that suits the event your teen is scrapbooking, such as Hawaiian flowers for a recent vacation or school colors for that year’s football games. Adhere photos to coordinating paper and cut around each picture to create borders before sticking the photos in to the scrapbook. Cut and arrange the photos so you can fit a few on each page, leaving enough room to include embellishments.


Embellishments make each of your teen’s scrapbook pages unique and eye-catching. Use stickers, buttons, paper cutouts, colored paper and printed sentiments to increase the pages. Choose items that coordinate using the event, people or holiday the photos portray. For example, use green and red buttons and Christmas stickers in case your teen is scrapbooking your last family holiday or number stickers and school colors to scrapbook her graduation party. Glitter, sequins, foam shapes and anything your child can find at an art supply store can function too. Letting her get creative boosts imagination and makes scrapbooking fun all night and hours.

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