2014 Short Valentines Day Poems

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion celebrated on 14th February in various countries. Love is the best thing that could occur to someone. Meeting someone who changes you’re a destiny but pampering that individual is in your hands. You are lucky to stay in love and so, must celebrate the Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm. If you’re wondering what will please your sweetheart on the occasion, we have just the perfect idea for you. With love in heart, pen down your ideas in form of short Valentine’s Day poems. If you are not really a poet, don’t worry as you can pick some of the best ones on the internet for the occasion. Many of these could actually speak your mind.

Valentine Poems for Him: For Valentines poems for him, tell the storyline of your first date in rhyming phrases or begin each line having a letter of his first name.

You are sweet, you are kind
I’m so glad to you mine.
You are handsome, you are tall
You’re the best boyfriend of all.
And today I just want to say,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hold my little hand,
beneath the velvet midnight.
I will dream of you.

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