Benefits Of Sports And Physical Activities

Benefits Of Sports And Physical ActivitiesYour body needs regular physical activity in order to maintain strength, stamina, cardiovascular health insurance and proper blood circulation. Your mind needs activity to remain sharp and balanced. The Cdc and Prevention and the Department of Health insurance and Human Services recommend that adults reach least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity each week, as well as twice a week weight strength training. The benefits of changing your lifestyle from the sedentary one to an active one are significant, also it doesn’t take that much effort to reap the rewards.

Sports and physical activities both come under the category of exercise. When you move your body in a repetitive fashion for just about any length of time, you are performing physical activity. To achieve the benefits of sport and activity, you need to stick with something you enjoy. This can keep you motivated to continually participate.

Disease Risk Reduction

When you’re inactive, you are highly prone to a number of chronic conditions, for example high blood pressure, high triglycerides, diabetes and cholesterol. Aerobic physical activity can help eliminate or reduce many of these risk factors, according to the American Heart Association. Aerobic activity is equivalent to cardiovascular activity. Running, biking, elliptical training, swimming, rowing and walking are examples.

Mind Benefits

Exercise and activity increases chemicals inside your brain such as endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin, which improves your mood, decreases depression, lessens the signs of  improves executive functioning skills, can help you manage stress and boosts your time level. Playing sports is a social activity to help you meet people, make new friends and increases self-esteem.

Exercise at the work

Even if you have a traditionally sedentary occupation, it is possible to incorporate exercise into your workplace. Improve your mindset to a more active one. Walk on the hall to speak to a co-worker rather than instant messaging them or giving them a call on the phone. while walking, rather than sitting down in a meeting. Go ahead and take stairs instead of the elevator, or park your vehicle far away from the office and walk to operate. Form a walking group with co-workers during lunchtime or begin a sports team within your company and play ball.


Yoga is really a form of physical activity that involves holding the body in a fixed position to have an extended period of time. This type of activity helps enhance your flexibility. Having better flexibility can help you get around with more ease. Any kind of stretching will also have this impact on the body.

Increased Muscle Mass

Weight training is a type of physical activity that builds muscle tissue. This activity involves lifting dumbells, using machines or while using resistance of your own body to complete exercises specific to each group of muscles. A bench press, for example, works the chest area, shoulders and triceps. By doing weight training, you increase your joint flexibility, improve tendon and ligament strength and potentially lower your resting blood pressure, according to Georgia State University. Being an added bonus, muscle is active tissue that raises your resting metabolism.


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