Homemade Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him

While Valentine’s Day continues to be one of the most popular romantic holidays in the calendar, it is not unusual to find some dissenting voices claiming the whole thing is a capitalist conspiracy, feeding on mindless consumerism and commercialization of something as personal as love. The simplest way to bypass such arguments – without getting drawn into them – would be to exchange gifts which cannot be bough within the market at all. Once Valentine’s Day is celebrated with personal gestures, the question of undue commercialization need not arise whatsoever. So here are some great homemade gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to help keep the conscientious objector in you or your partner, happy.


Normally the best Valentine’s Day gifts are edible. Make reservations in the restaurant he enjoys or cook him his favorite meal. Treat him utilizing a batch of his favorite cookies, a decadent cake, or think of a decorated basket of his favorite treats if dinner plans can’t be manufactured.


Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy him something nice for his wardrobe if he doesn’t prefer to shop. His favorite color polo shirt, a sharp-looking dress coat, and maybe even a nice pair of slacks may be great gifts to give to him as items which will make him think of you each time he wears it. Get him a T-shirt while using the logo of his favorite sports team or perhaps a set of fun boxers if he’s not into being fashionable.

Love Boat Valentine Gift

Buy a Valentine’s Day gift bag and cut one for reds out to form a thick, beautiful rectangle. Then fold the cardboard right into a Valentine’s paper boat. Fill the boat with chocolate hearts covered with red, shimmering foil paper. Then place the final touch to this unique homemade Valentine’s Day gift idea by sticking a paper flag to some toothpick and piercing it with the top of the boat. Around the flag write: “Shipping my heart to you.”

Fashion Valentine Gift

Look for red, pink, and white duct tape in a craft store. On a black T-shirt or sweat shirt glue the shape of a large heart cut form red duct tape. Next add an arrow cut from white duct tape and fashion your company name and the name of the one you love out of pink duct tape, to stay at either ends of the arrow. To create this unique homemade Valentine’s Day gift idea a truly romantic gesture, create a matching shirt for you and your Valentine. Then wear yours, and provide your Valentine the other like a unique homemade Valentine gift.

Pillow Valentine Gift

At a party store purchase a Valentine pillow shaped like a heart. Then, in a craft store buy craft wire and small sand. Fashion the wire in to the letters of your names, and string beads on each letter. Glue your beaded names towards the pillow to make a unique homemade Valentine’s Day gift for decorating your lover’s bed.


There is nothing easier or more thoughtful than the usual series of Valentine gift certificates you make at home. Making use of your home computer or even construction paper and markers, create useful gift certificates for such things as a back massage, his favorite meal, each day of sports and snacks or another type you know your man would love. Add photos of the two of you or cutesy clip art to help make the certificates more colorful and festive. Place them together in a book or provide him one each day for a week before Valentine’s Day.


In case your man is a music lover and hooked on his MP3 player, download a playlist for him that’s filled with pertinent songs out of your time together. Go through your personal CD collection or download music from an online source and name the playlist “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Sneak his Music player away for a few minutes to upload your playlist onto his tool and put a red bow on his player so they know there is something special waiting for him. Match it up with with a gift card to purchase more music to really make it extra special.


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