Valentines Day Poems for kids 2014

Valentines day is a festival of Adults but kids can celebrate it too.Valentines Day is well known on 14th of February all over the planet and this is the day when a boy provides a rose to a girl and propose her.It is really an awesome day for the both of boys and also the girls.Poems can be a great way of impressing a woman so I thought to come up with Valentines Day Poems For Kids.

You may already know, most of the school celebrates valentines day for kids, and therefore the valentines day poems for kids can come in handy on their behalf. They can impress their teachers and folks by telling them these poems. In the earlier section, we have also shared some valentines day cards for kids.


If you are my True-Love,
I’ll tell you what I’ll do,
I’ll ask just a little bluebird
To sing a song for you.

When first you see a violet
And softly pricking through
The garden bed come crocuses
And golden tulips, too,

Then watch! for he’ll be coming,
The small bird of blue;
He’ll sing, “I adore you, Sweetheart,
It’s true, true, true!”


I gave my first love laughter,
I gave my second tears,
I gave my third love silence
Through all of the years.

My first love provided singing,
My second eyes to determine,
But oh, it was my third love
Who gave my soul in my experience.

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