Perfect Snacks Food For Hiking Trip

Perfect Snacks Food For Hiking TripHiking can be a lot of fun for most people, especially if you love the outdoors. Your entire day pack is all packed track of rain-wear, extra clothing, bug repellent, a camera, and sunscreen. Another two very important items are water in bottles to stay hydrated and some delicious snacks which have carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Candy and chocolate ought to be avoided because of the sugars which will give you a quick energy, and can then shoot you straight down again into a slump very quickly. Here are a few great healthy snacks that are healthy for your body and lightweight for the day pack which are the best snacks to defend myself against a hiking trip.

Hiking is a great way to burn fat, achieve weight loss, and enhance your health–and to make the hiking trip enjoyable and safe, you should include several healthy snacks. This article discusses three great snacks you can use on hiking trips. They’ll help to keep your energy levels high and you feeling full.

Snack Mix

Matthew Hazley, a Triple Crown hiker, tells “National Geographic” magazine that his secret food for hiking is really a salty snack mix which contains such items as pretzels, crackers along with other complex carbohydrates that help fuel the body and replenish the electrolytes lost through sweating. Snack mix could be stored easily in small, plastic bags, also it doesn’t weight much, meaning your backpack will remain light. Add nuts and seeds for added protein.

Carrots and Celery

Chop up some carrots and celery and pack these questions Ziploc bag. These are great munching snacks to defend myself against a hiking trip and you can dip the carrots sticks within the peanut butter. The combo is very delicious. For those who have children with you, add a little peanut butter on the celery stick and top with a few raisins. You will then be serving them “ants on the log” and you will see a smile on their own face.


Apples really are a great sweet snack food to take on a hiking trip. Apples may be easily tossed into your day pack plus they don’t go bad quick and provides you with the energy you need to keep on hiking. Recall the proverb, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”? There is a lot of nutritional value within an apple and they are high in carbohydrates and it has natural sugar which is great for that energy you will need on your hiking trip.


Olives really are a great delicious snack to take on your hiking trip. They’re just so refreshing. Lindsay Olives includes a convenient “to go” package that makes it simpler to put in your day pack. They are available in garlic seasoned flavor, Italian seasoned flavor, and original flavor.

Candy or chocolate

you won’t find candy or chocolate on any nutritionist’s lists of healthy foods to defend against a hike. They have hardly any vitamins or minerals whilst they will provide you with a quick burst of one’s in the short term, they might leave you feeling low again right after. No, sugary treats won’t would you any more good when trekking in Patagonia compared to what they will back at home, however they make our list for his or her unbeatable morale-boosting properties. You might not strictly require a bag of chocolate buttons when you’re get yourself ready for the final climb to the top from the French Valley with the wind howling and also the rain pouring.


A pear is yet another great snack option for hikers. They’re a relatively sturdy fruit, which could stand up well to the demands of hiking. Additionally, pears don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator, and for that reason can be placed in a backpack for any relatively long period of time. When using a pear like a snack, be sure to include the peel from the pear for best results. Pears are full of fiber, which like complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats are slow digesting, and for that reason make good snacks when you aren’t sure whenever your next meal will come around.


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