Massage Therapy For Cancer Patients

Massage Therapy For Cancer PatientsMassage therapy can help cancer patients by decreasing pain and anxiety, relieving muscle tension, and improving circulation. Additionally, it may enhance range of motion, and bolster their immune function. However, you should avoid applying deep pressure, particularly near lesions or postoperative sites. Only use gentle, light touch massage on patients with bleeding tendencies. And don’t massage patients who have metastatic or thrombotic disease, or those who’ve undergone lymph node dissection.

Massage therapy could be beneficial for cancer patients both during and following treatment. Massage therapy can counteract most of the negative physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and negative effects of cancer treatment for patients. More and more cancer patients are curious about finding ways to enhance their conventional treatment with complementary therapy options, including massage therapy.

Massage Reduce Scarring and Adhesions

Whenever your surgical scars have healed, massage therapy is excellent to reduce any adhesions that may occur. Adhesions would be the result of abnormal wound healing between adjacent tissues carrying out a surgical procedure. Usually due to surgical trauma, your body can initiate a complex inflammatory response by which tissues that normally remain separated in your body become physically attached to one another.

Massage Improves

Massage improves their degree of energy and helps them sleep better, and cancer patients in treatment aren’t any exception. Good quality sleep could be particularly difficult to attain during cancer treatments (maybe it was just me or did others discover that chemotherapy revved up their brain to some huge degree?). Cancer fatigue is a very common complaint among cancer patients and at least one study implies that massage therapy assists sleep.

Massage Helps Ease Nausea

Massage therapy can reduce nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.suspect that it is calming effects on the central nervous system are why it helps, however for myself personally found that the gentle, relaxing manipulation of muscles and ligament eased not only my body but additionally any nausea had.

Complementary Therapy

Massages are often used in conjunction with other therapies and therefore are important in a comprehensive treatment approach. Massages bring a brief feeling of relief and increase mobility, rehab injured muscles and lower pain. Some believe that regular massages boost the body’s release of endorphins. In addition, massage improves lymph flow helping the body get rid of wastes for example lactic acid. Finally, massages loosen mucus within the lungs and help relive arthritis, colds and constipation.

Improves mood and excellence of life

Increased anxiety and potential depression following a cancer diagnosis and during cancer treatment aren’t unusual for patients. Regular massage can help to eliminate anxiety and help create a prolonged feeling of well-being, improving a patient’s overall mood. Massage gives patients time to breathe and relax, which may be the key to feeling your very best during a difficult time.


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