Proper Breathing Exercises for Good Health

One of the best best breathing exercises is rhythmic breathing. Breathing exercises are essential for a clear mind along with a healthy body. Health and balance are maintained through different forms of breathing. Various breathing exercises lead to physical and mental development, but deep and rhythmic breathing is important to personal growth in all areas. Breath is life, so enjoy life to the fullest with closer connection with the life power contained in the breath.

An Exercise to enhance Breathing Technique

Here is a simple Far Eastern breathing exercise you can do to “train” your body to breathe in a more efficient manner. It will help the body better use oxygen, improve your energy levels, improve clarity, and promote a general feeling of calmness.

  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair and focus on relaxing your physique. Put aside the day’s activities and concentrate on a nature scene, for instance, or anything that does not disturb your feelings.
  • Inhale the breath gently using your nose focusing on the breath visiting the back of your throat and feel it filling the lower part of your lungs because it pushes the diaphragm outward and downward.
  • Then fill the middle part of your lungs pushing out your lower ribs, breastbone, and chest.
  • Then fill the upper portion of your lungs forcing your upper chest outward and lifting the entire chest while completely expanding your ribs.
  • When you retain the breath, make sure the muscles in the base of your neck and shoulders are relaxed. Make your shoulders droop so that you don’t create tension.
  • Then gently exhale the breath.
  • Try to inhale the breath towards the count of six, hold for that count of three or six, and exhale towards the count of six. Start with 5 minutes a day and increase the time as you are able to keep your mind and body relaxed.
  • This really is only one of the many powerful breathing exercises taught within the Healthy Living course program that builds bodily strength and vitality and produces anti-aging effects. Breathing may be the elixir of life. Without breath, there isn’t any life. Greater use of the breath brings life-long energy and freedom from pains and aches.

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