Sports Massage Tips For Massage Techniques

Sports Massage Tips For Massage TechniquesSports massage has been proven to be effective for releasing and reducing tension within the muscles, improving circulation, encouraging removing waste products such as lactic acid which stimulates or suppressing nerve activity. Massage likewise helps to mentally prepare the athlete for that activity ahead. Massage can be effective for those stages of the performer’s participation such as the preparation, training, competition and recovery stages. Massage likewise helps to relax the body after exercise which could prevent injury. Sports massage is highly good for those athletes who are vulnerable to overuse injuries.

Sports massage therapy is aimed toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers. The nuances of the sports massage technique are specific towards the athlete’s sport of choice. Concentrating on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and frequently aggressive movements.

Massage Techniques


Effleurage Massage is used to initiate massage as well as for even oil application. It may also help in warming up the tissues to be able to prepare them for deep massages. Light strokes ought to be applied using the hand. The direction ought to always be upwards towards the heart, since this is the direction of the blood circulation.

Stripping The Muscle

Stripping muscle is a common massage technique done to smooth out any knots or scarring present. Deep pressure ought to be applied using both thumbs in the center the muscle. This massage technique should be done slowly and deliberately to be able to ‘feel’ the muscle underneath. It should be repeated Three to five times in a row, alternating with petrissage for five minutes.


Petrissage Massage is a kneading kind of massage technique which helps in additional relaxing and starting to warm up of the muscles. The palms or even the knuckles are used in this massage technique. A firm, kneading pressure is used using the hands.

Sports Massage Therapy

Dry-Water Massage Bed

Almost everyone has never heard of this type of massage. Within this technique, jets of water, directed at the muscles carry out the massage rather than manual manipulation. There’s two general kinds of this massage technique, the first is wet, where the individual is actually in touch with the stream of water, and something is dry, where there is really a protective barrier,

Trigger Point Therapy

A severe form of deep tissue massage that’s applied to individual muscles. It’s used to increase blood flow, reduce pain and release pressure on nerves and muscle brought on by chronic or injured tissue. It will help to release intense knots of muscle pain and tension.

Chair Massage

This massage technique purposes of a specially designed massage chair to operate on a client in most settings in which a massage table would be impracticable. This massage technique goes back thousands of years to ancient Japan. Modern massage chairs are very a bit more comfortable than the wooden stools used in those days.


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