Best Weightlifting Exercises For Seniors

Best Weightlifting Exercises For SeniorsExercise can be a great way for a senior to remain healthy as he or she ages. If you’re a senior’s loved one, it’s important to continue encouraging the senior to remain active. Not only does exercise keep the body strong and resistant against disease, but it also helps in overall mood and level.If you are a senior, strive for a full-body weight workout 2 days a week. A full-body workout includes one exercise each for the chest, back, shoulders and legs. With time, you may want to increase to three workouts each week, but two are usually sufficient. When you get sore from doing one occur the beginning do just one looking for the first three to four weeks. Build up to two sets of 12 repetitions of every exercise.

This weight lifting exercises program will give you a great full body workout that you to complete 2 or 3 times per week at home Ensure that you rest at least one day in between each workout. You can do this at home there is no need to go to a club should you don’t want to.weight lifting workout you want to begin with light weights, go to a store that sells dumbbells and pick some up and move them around before you find a weight that will work healthy for you and get a pair that feel great.

Warm Up and Cool Down

A weight-lifting workout must start with a low-intensity aerobic workout. Provide your body sufficient time to warm up. Spend Ten minutes doing light exercise like marching in position or walking on a treadmill. Following a workout, allow for a cool-down period. March in position for five minutes to bring down your heartbeat. Do a few gentle static stretches too if you feel strain or fatigue in almost any muscles. Stretching aids in muscle recovery. Hold each stretch for Thirty seconds or more.

Cable Row

Take a seat on a chair or bench. Wrap an exercise cable around a pole, or ask a buddy to hold the cable before you at sternum height. Hold one handle from the cable in each hand together with your palms facing upward. Inhale deeply. Bend your elbows, exhale and pull your arms and neck back. Keep your elbows tight for your body as you row the cable backward. Inhale while you extend your arms forward again to accomplish the rep.

Chess Press

Lie face-up on the floor or a bench with two dumbbells. Three- to five-pound dumbbells are great weights to start with. Hold your arms at 90-degree angles consistent with your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Exhale and press your arms up and also over your chest, touching the dumbbells lightly but without locking your elbows. Inhale and produce your arms back to the bent elbow position you began with.


Stand up straight together with your feet hip-width apart. Toes ought to be pointing straight forward. Extend your arms forward together with your palms facing up. You are able to hold a stability ball with you or use light weights if you wish to exercise for seniors your shoulders, too, while doing the squats. Bend the knees and reach back together with your hips as though you are going to sit inside a chair. Lean forward slightly while you squat down, making sure that the knees do not extend forward outside your toes. Exhale and stand support straight.


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