Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is coming early this year but it’s much less late to plan your Easter celebration ideas for friends and family. If you would like something truly special to provide this year, why not consider some unique handmade Easter Gift Ideas. Easter gifts that you simply hand make yourself at home are specifically nice at this time of year. They reveal your creative side and they also show that you care enough to put some of your own time and energy into making something for someone on your gift list.

Homemade Easter Gift Ideas
Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

Hand Print Flowers

Nothing says spring and Easter quite like Easter lilies. Make them from your child’s hand print to make it even more special. Trace your child’s hand on a piece of white paper. Cut out the hand and curl it around therefore the two edges of the palm are touching; tape it together. Have your child color a little bit of yellow within the palm so it looks like pollen. Staple the lily to the top of a green chenille stick stem. Your child can hand it towards the recipient, or make several to put in a vase on the dining room table.

Homemade Gift Basket

Making a gift basket is probably much easier than you think it is. And, you should save some money. When you consider the possibility of making it yourself, use those hidden talents; anything you do well can become your own personal gift basket design.

Rice Krispie Eggs

Not all gifts have to be displayed. Giving parents dessert is a superb gift. Let the child help make the crisped rice treats. Mold treats right into a basic egg shape; they do not have to be perfect. Melt white or milk chocolate chips and roll the eggs inside it. Before the chocolate cools, let your child pay for it with sprinkles. You can use colored sugar in pastel colors, or use multicolored sprinkles. An alternative would be to leave off the chocolate and sprinkles and just use a colorful fruity rocks- type of cereal.

Paper Tube Bunny

Cotton balls are soft like bunnies, and your child will love to use them to create her own bunny. Roll a piece of card stock into a tube and tape it in position. The tube should only be about three to six inches tall. Cover the outside of the tube with glue and allow your child cover it with cotton balls. Cut bunny ears from white paper or craft foam and glue them just within the tube. As an alternate towards the tube bunny, draw a basic bunny shape on a piece of paper and let your child glue cotton balls into it. Cut out the bunny shape before giving it as a gift.


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