Easy and Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Celebrated with immense joy and fervor, Easter is a of the most important festivals for Christians around the world. It marks the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after crucifixion. The festival also celebrates new life, new beginnings and also the onset of the spring season. For kids, Easter is really a time for fun and enjoyment. There are Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, and of course, Easter fun crafts waiting for them on the holiday. Let your kids indulge in making some beautiful interesting crafts to increase the fanfare of the festival.

Differing types of interesting crafts and games activities form a vital part of the Easter celebrations all across the world. Colored and well-decorated Easter eggs together with lilies and Easter bunnies are an important part of Easter festivities. Children participate in many fun filled crafts and games. They not just form a source of entertainment, but kids will also get to learn a lot in the entire process. Most of these Easter crafts are based on the holy festival of Easter. Here, we’ve suggested some interesting craft activities for children of all age groups.

Easter Craft Ideas For Kids
Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Bunny Hand Puppet

Easter is a festive occasion for that Christian community throughout the world. On this day, people engage themselves in merry making and feasting. Additionally they decorate their houses and exchange gifts amongst each other. Easter Crafts are also a vital part of the Easter celebrations. Around the occasion of Easter, children make Easter crafts in order to decorate their houses.

Spring chicks

Make your own bobble head birdies with this cute Easter craft for kids. Whip these up quickly by painting egg carton cups inside your favorite springtime hue after which jazzing them up with floral wire, cardstock and some feathers.

Bunny Mask

There’s a popular tradition of making crafts around the occasion of Easter. People make a variety of Easter crafts on this day for decorating their home or arranging some theme participate in the Easter party. Easter bunny mask is undoubtedly one of the favourite Easter crafts of children. Using some readily available materials, kids could make this mask and mimic the adorable Easter bunny.

Easter Egg Doll

Making Easter crafts is a of the most exclusive as well as interesting tradition associated with the Easter festival. On this day, not just children but also adult take part in craft making activities. Beautiful Easter crafts are created for decorating homes as well as for theme based Easter games in the party. One particular interesting game is Easter Egg Doll. It’s a simple Easter craft suitable for kids.

Easter Egg Medley Card

During Easter, people use greeting cards to share their blessings. Kids can wish the elders using the Easter egg medley card made of leftover shells of Easter eggs.

Embroidery floss eggs

This fun craft from Better Homes and Gardens could keep kids busy for hours making and shaping their most favorite egg design. This would work well for any classroom or scout troop craft in which the kids can mix and match styles and showcase their finished products inside a giant garland decoration.


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