Most Popular Easter Party Games For Adults

Easter is a great time to get together with friends and family and eat some tasty food! But, more than that, it’s also a chance for you to relax and also have some fun. Here are some suggestions for Easter party games that are suitable for the adults within the group.

Flashlight Egg Hunt

Search for eggs using flashlights. Before your guests arrive, hide eggs outdoors within the yard. Make sure you write down where they’re, as they will be hard to find at the conclusion of the game without a list. Wait until it becomes dark outside. Give each player or team a flashlight to make use of. Give the teams or individuals as much as 30 minutes to find the eggs. The winner can be determined by who finds probably the most eggs, or you can assign points to eggs depending on how hard they are to find, with the player or team scoring the most points winning.

Most Popular Easter Party Games For Adults
Most Popular Easter Party Games For Adults

Easter Bingo

As your guests get to your Easter party, give each guest a blank five-by-five grid and a list of Easter themed words. Ask each of your friends and relatives to choose 25 different words and fill in their bingo cards using those words. This could give your guests something to complete while waiting for everyone to reach the party. Once all of us have filled out their grids, start calling off words randomly from the list you supplied. The first player to have five spaces on his bingo grid marked off consecutively is the winner. Award the winner an Easter-themed door prize.

The Great Egg Race

You did this whenever you were a kid. Now, it’s time to make this a grown up event. Traditionally, this event involves teams of 2 racing having a hard boiled egg on the spoon. The goal was to win the race without breaking the egg. However, this event can have its own twists into it. One idea is the Easter Egg Relay Lace. Within this event, you have to untie the shoelaces of your team and race towards the finish without breaking the eggs within the spoon. Another event idea may be the 2 leg egg race. It is simply the 2 leg race, however, you have to carry 2 spoons with the eggs onto it. Just imagine the fun you’ll have if you have these events.

Pin The Tail On The Bunny

Some Easter party games have been around for a long time and this one is great for tailoring to the party theme. Traditionally a Donkey was used, however, you can draw any animal, see examples below. You may create your own large picture of an bunny and you can have the children help with the drawing and colouring in. A great party starter, as each child arrives ask them to pin the fluffy tail and announce the winner in the end the guests have arrived and they’ve all had a go.

An alternative with this game is “Pin The Easter Egg around the Bunny” Instead of a tail create a cardboard cut out of a colourful Easter egg. The children need to place it between the front paws of the Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunts

You will need enough Easter eggs, in all shapes and sizes, for all your guests.

Some Easter Games such as this one, lend themselves well for indoor or outdoors, with respect to the weather and space you have.

Hide the eggs throughout the house or garden or both whether it works for you. Remember in sunnier climates the eggs will melt if they are left in the sun for too long, so some of you will have to hide the eggs a short while before the Easter egg hunts begins.

For those of you with older kids and adults, you may make a more challenging Easter Egg Hunts. Leave a trail of clues that should be followed to where the next Easter Egg is. Begin with smaller eggs, and as the game proceeds the eggs they find get bigger and bigger.


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