Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Older Children

Easter is a special occasion for everyone, especially children, who expect the Easter bunny to create baskets filled with colorful eggs, presents and candies. It’s a good old tradition of the Christians to cover decorated eggs during Easter celebrations and hunt for them in return of sweet treats, for example candies, chocolates and other prizes. Initially, real chicken eggs were decorated with colorful paint. Now, plastic and chocolate eggs are being increasingly used, instead of the real ones, for Easter egg hunt. If you are looking for some tips and ideas for planning the Easter egg hunt this season.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Older Children
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Older Children

Cobweb Hunt

Hide the Easter baskets in your house. Now, tie one end of an extended string to each basket. Uncoil the strands starting from the end, where the baskets are hidden and make up a spider web throughout your house, by looping the strings all over the place, over and under the furniture. The strings need to look like a huge tangled cob web. Tie the other end of the strands towards the doorknob of your room. The moment your family members wake up, they would be surprised to find that a large cobweb of strands is leading up to their hidden Easter eggs baskets!

Color-Coded Eggs Hunt

Assign ten plastic eggs for every of the participants. Choose a color for every set of ten eggs. Color the plastic eggs and fill them with toys or candies. Divide the participants into teams, with two members in every team. Set a time limit for them, say fifteen minutes, within which they have to find their respective set of eggs which are hidden all over the place. The team, which finds its set of eggs first, wins the sport. Make sure that every team has got the sweet treats at the end.

Prizes For All

If you do not want to plan something time-consuming, the other of the simplest hunt ideas is to hide several plastic eggs in which notes that mention a specific gift, have been placed. When the kids trace a particular egg, ask them to open the note inside it and read out the gift mentioned onto it. When you handover the gift, which they just read on the note, to them, whether it’s a toy or a bunny, the smile on their own faces when they receive it will be unmatchable.

Name is the Game

If you are planning to throw an Easter party, the other of the most exciting ideas, that you can include would be to write the name of each of your friends and relatives on different plastic eggs, and put them in five sacks. Within the party, ask the guests to obtain the egg which has their name onto it. The person who finds it first, will be the winner.

Message in Play

Such activities are not just limited to homes, you can plan the same at church too. Put scriptures within the plastic eggs, which tell the Easter story. Later, wrap the eggs in different colored paper and hand over these to some kids. When you call a specific color, the kid who has exactly the same colored egg, stands up and narrates the entire Easter story to the people who are present.


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