Easter Party Games For Kids

Easter is an exciting holiday that lots of children look forward to. Easter eggs, bunnies, hot cross buns, vacations, and of course remembering the great Easter story all contribute to this marvelous time of the year. Playing games, whether it’s an Easter egg hunt game or a party game with other children, makes this time of year extra special.

Egg toss

Each child should partner as much as create teams of two, with every team given one raw egg. For that first round, the partners stand just one yard apart and toss the egg to each other. If the egg breaks, then your team is eliminated. After each round, the partners have a giant step back (becoming even more apart) and toss the egg again.

Easter Party Games For Kids
Easter Party Games For Kids

Bunny hop sack race

Kids always love a great old-fashioned sack race. Call it a bunny hop race and provide each child an old pillowcase or burlap sack to hop in.

Egg relay

In this Easter relay race, participants carry eggs on spoons after which transfer the egg for their teammate’s spoon. First team to accomplish the race without breaking their egg is said the winner. Little kids love the “nose nudge” game where players get recorded on their hands and knees and push eggs using their noses. The first player over the finish line wins the large prize.

Pin the tail around the rabbit

Print out a big picture of Peter Rabbit and hang up it on the wall to play this Easter twist of the classic party game. Use cotton balls with double-sided tape for tails.

Easter Egg Hunt

Active fun games really are a must for any kids party. Your Easter party may include a traditional Easter egg hunt, to be played like a starter or at the end of your party. Give each participant just a little bag to collect eggs in. The colourful plastic eggs ought to be hidden beforehand.

Wack the Egg Basket

Fill a classic handled basket with chocolate eggs, sweets or pocket money toys. Suspend the basket as if you would a Pinata (you could hang it from the washing line outside) much less high up so that children can just about reach it. Make use of a stick and take it turns hitting the basket so that it swings and tips out some of the goodies.


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