Fun Outdoor Easter Game For Kids

Fun Outdoor Easter Game For Kids

Games are a great form of play along with a way to get more involved in the Easter holidays. Children happen to be buzzing with the warm spring weather and also the excitement of the Easter Bunny coming to town. Using these easy games, one can bring more fun and activity towards the holiday with ease.

Egg Rolling

Each player requires a different color of hard-boiled egg with this game. Place one white hard-boiled egg in the centre of the lawn or patio. Each player requires a turn rolling his hard-boiled egg. The aim is to get the colored egg to prevent closest to the white egg. Keep extras of each color available in case one of the eggs cracks or gets squashed throughout the game.

Fun Outdoor Easter Game For Kids
Fun Outdoor Easter Game For Kids

Easter Egg Toss

This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs backwards and forwards without dropping them. Any kind of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Real eggs, whether you boil them, can make a mess when dropped or tossed way too hard, adding a layer of messy fun towards the game. Pairs of players start close along with only a few feet between each member of the happy couple. After successfully tossing and catching the egg, the pairs return a step each for a greater distance and the other toss. Continue widening the space to make the game more of challenging.

Easter Egg Hunt Variations

Give a regular Easter egg hunt a twist to have an interesting outdoor game. One choice is to organize a treasure hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt. Produce a map with locations marked for various Easter treats. You might leave eggs, baskets or small Easter toys in every marked location. Include a larger basket at the conclusion of the treasure hunt. Another variation would be to write a letter on each egg. Following the kids collect their eggs, they will use the letters to spell out as numerous words as possible. A special prize would go to the child who creates the most words from her letters.

Egg and spoon race

You will need: a hard-boiled egg for each person (or perhaps a good supply of raw eggs if you are brave enough!), a large spoon for each individual, something to mark the beginning and finish with.

How to play:

Mark out a start and finished line and give each person an egg along with a spoon at the start line. Once the race starts each player runs for the finish line trying to keep their egg around the spoon. The winner may be the first person to reach the conclusion line with their egg on their own spoon.

Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny

Variation on a theme! May also have Pin the Egg around the Easter Basket. You will need: large picture of an Easter bunny, cotton wool balls having a small piece of sticky tape or blue tak on, blindfold.

How to play:

Blindfold the first child. Spin them round 2 or 3 times, face them within the right direction and allow them to try and stick the fluffy tail around the Easter bunny. Wherever the child sticks the tail, write the youngsters name.

You can either remove the tail for the following child’s turn or you can have sufficient cotton wool balls for every child and just write their name next to the tail and leave it up until everyone has were built with a turn.


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