How To Make Easter Egg Doll

How To Make Easter Egg DollMaking Easter craft is one tradition that’s been in practice for ages now. There are numerous fascinating craft items that can be created out of eggs and the adorable Easter egg doll is certainly one of them. Children especially dote within the delightful looking egg dolls that always make an indispensable part of every Easter celebrations. Besides this, Easter egg dolls alllow for a great decorative item inside your living room or dining table. There’s nothing better than a handmade personalized gift. You are able to present the adorable egg dolls for your guests and loved ones. Making egg dolls in your own home is an easy task and doesn’t require much effort or time. All it relates to is a few easily available supplies along with a little patience.

Easter is a festival which kids love. At the moment, children do lots of activities enjoy yourself. Children can make many interesting things through Easter craft. Easter Egg Doll is really a cute thing which would be considered a favorite with children especially girls. Making an Easter egg doll really is easy task which kids can certainly achieve without much help from their elders.

With This You Will Require:

  • Blown Out Egg Shells
  • Paper muffin cups
  • paint of facial expression
  • toilet tissue centre
  • cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • tape of glue.

Steps To Make A Easter Egg Doll

  1. First of all clloect all things required in your area. now take the blown out egg shell with help of paints, draw and color a face of doll around the shell.
  2. To make the easter bonnet for that easter doll, half fold the paper muffin cup. it appears very cute.
  3. To secure this Easter bonnet evidently of Easter egg doll, you will have to use ribbon or thread and set it neatly in the fold of muffin cup. An alternative choice is you can use a tape or glue to repair the yarn or ribbon within the muffin cup. It will keep the bonnet in perfect position.
  4. Let’s focus on making the body of the doll, take Four to five muffin cups and cut their centers.
  5. Now place all of the cups upside down on a cardboard tube. You’ll have to keep the cups in overlapping position to help make the tiered skirt of the doll.
  6. To accomplish the doll, paste the painted egg face on top of cardboard tube. And your beautiful Easter egg doll is prepared.

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