Fun Easter Food Ideas For Kids

Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, but the holiday actually has roots which go as far back to Pagan times. Maintaining your Easter menu kid-friendly doesn’t have to translate into hours of more use adults. Aside from setting aside a table just for kids, serve Easter food that kids will not only enjoy eating but tend to also help to prepare.

Easter Egg Coloring

Coloring Easter eggs is definitely an age-old tradition. Set up small bowls with various colored dyes for easy dipping. Different ways to decorate eggs include hand painting with paintbrushes, stickers, gluing on embellishments and making cloth or clothing decorations for every egg.

Cheetos Easter Carrot
Cheetos Easter Carrot

Cheetos Easter Carrot

Make a carrot out of Cheetos and felt. Wrap Cheetos in clear cellophane and bunch the very best of the roll so it forms the form of a carrot. You can also use a small plastic bag. Cut an item of green felt for the top “carrot greens.” Attach with glue or perhaps a green rubberband wrapped around the felt and top of the cellophane.


Making braided bread by yourself can be time consuming but it’s another way to involve kids in the holiday preparations. Once the dough is rolled out, enable the kids to form the pre-cut strips into braids and glaze before the bread goes into the oven.

Nest Cakes

Nest cakes certainly are a cute food item to serve at Easter. These cakes are no-bake, so they’re fast and straight-forward to create. Follow the recipe for any regular chocolate corn flake or rice crispy cake. Put the mixture in individual cake cases, creating a dent in the middle, so the cake is created like a nest. Refrigerate the cakes until they’re set, then place miniature chocolate or candy eggs inside the dent of the nests.

Marshmallow Bunny

Create a bunny out of marshmallows. Use two large marshmallows for that body and head; split one out of half for the ears, and use two small marshmallows on both sides for legs. Use candies for that ear lobes and face. Kids will like playing with marshmallows and creating a bunny creation all their own.

Coconut Cream Eggs

Help kids cook making some coconut cream eggs. You just need some cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, grated coconut, semi-sweet chocolate chips and shortening. To create, mix the cream cheese, butter, coconut and sugar in in bowl. Knead the dough and form into egg shapes. Then put on wax paper and chill in freezer to have an hour. Take out and dip in melted chocolate and shortening. Put back onto wax paper to relax.


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