Bath Salts Use – Side Effects and Dangers

Bath salts have been considered to be harmful to users and those round the users. This is because they can produce negative effects of psychosis, and this can lead to a person causing themselves varieties serious harm. Bath salts may also produce effects such as dizziness, heart disease, ulcers, a loss of coordination, malnutrition, along with other problems that can also hurt an individual.

Arguably, the most dangerous side-effect of these drugs is the risk of addiction. Addiction leads to a user to lose self-control and potentially to get rid of touch with reality. This may lead to taking more of the drug over some time and additional dangerous side effects.

Bath salts happen to be called a variant of cocaine, which is because they are similar in nature and located on the street. They can be injected, snorted, or taken as tablets. Regardless of how they’re taken, they have similar effects on our bodies.

Bath Salts Use - Side Effects and Dangers
Bath Salts Use – Side Effects and Dangers

Chemical make-up

Bath salts are artificially made in a lab much like methamphetamines (similar psychotic drugs). The actual chemical make-up of bath salts is unknown as various manufacturers may employ different combination of chemicals at different ratios, having a mixture of both legal and illegal substances. It’s widely felt that the most typical ingredient in bath salts is a of several synthetic variants of caffeine cathinone, a compound with properties much like amphetamines. Some of the more common synthetic versions of cathinone are methylenedioxypyrovalerone, abbreviated MDPV, methylone and mephedrone, amongst others. MDPV and Mephedrone are whitish to look at but the latter may sometimes appear slightly yellowish. Scientists, doctors and police believe, however, that newer varieties are now being developed with both legal and illegal substances making analysis of their make-up much more challenging. The more common substance recognized by emergency room doctors treating patients who report or are suspected to possess ingested bath salts is MDPV.


Balt Salts On TableBath salts, the recreational drug, may be easily confused for the salts which are used during bathing. Actually, the drugs are often marketed in packaging that provides the illusion that they are bathing salts to prevent detection by authorities. Bathing salts, for example Epsom salt, look like very tiny, whitish, powdery particles and therefore are usually sold in small transparent pouches. The creators of ‘bath salts’ drugs mimic this appearance. Bath salts medicine is difficult to tell apart from bathing salts because of this similarity to look at. Bath salts may also be like a tablet or capsule. Sometimes the medicine is also advertised as jewelry or phone screen cleaners or as plant food, making detection much more challenging.

Side effects

There are many possible unwanted effects from ingesting bath salts. Since the precise chemical content of bath salts isn’t known, the risks for users who make an effort to get a bath salt high is increased as doctors are not easily in a position to determine the best method of treatment because of their lack of adequate information on the substance ingested. One of probably the most serious negative effects noted in bath salt users may be the onset of hallucinations. Bath salts behave in the same way to other hard drugs for example methamphetamines and LSD. The hallucinations are triggered when the levels of neurotransmitters are chemically elevated.

Another serious effect is really a feeling of euphoria, where users feel overly excited or happy. This effect is because the increase in dopamine in the brain due to bath salt high. Other psychotic symptoms include agitation, paranoia, thoughts of suicide, strange, erratic, unpredictable and violent behavior, heightened anger and anxiety attacks. Users on a bath salt high might also become more sociable and have a heightened sex drive.

Physical symptoms include an rise in blood pressure, elevated heart rate and also the development of seizures and chest pains. The circumstances may even result in death. Users of other hard medicine is at an increased risk as some drug dealers have substituted methamphetamines for that artificial cathinones.

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