Best Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

Best Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

Redheads are all about color and after all, such vibrant hair can not be left to act alone, so coordinating the colours of the rest of your look is essential. Red is so bold that color clashing can be a problem with the rest of your appearance. Keep to the right colors to properly highlight your red hair and stick out beautifully.

Best Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads
Best Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads


Wear clothing in colors that promote the look of your red hair. Green is excellent color for you to wear if you think being bold. Green not only looks great with red hair, it creates a beautiful balance of color throughout your appearance. Stick with dark colors and earth tones, for example browns and tans, which compliment red hair wonderfully. It is best to refrain from colors such as reds and pinks. This can create a dull pallet of color across your overall appearance. In addition, natural redheads generally have pinks in their skin, which may be overly enhanced by red and pink clothing.


Coordinate make-up colors to be effective with your red hair. It’s best to refrain from pink and red make-up. However, redheads look great in orange cosmetic colors. Actually, orange is one of the best colors for any redhead as it looks very natural. Browns will always be safe as well. In addition, be sure to wear a light foundation and remember that fake tanned color can look very unnatural. For mascara and eyeliner, it is advisable to use browns instead of blacks.

1. Don’t be ashamed of your freckles.

Why should you ashamed of something that’s perfectly natural and never at all ugly? Don’t hide your freckles with a lot of makeup. Instead, be proud of them and demonstrate to them off. Use some light powder or mineral foundation and you’re golden.

2. Use light brown eyeliner instead of black.

Black eyeliner could be too powerful for a redhead so instead you need to use brown. Depending on the type of red hair has, you can choose the right shade of brown for the eyeliner.

3. Plum eyeshadow.

Plum shades are ideal for redheads because they complement the color from the hair beautifully without being boring. Use plum eyeshadow as well as plum eyeliner if it complements your look.

4. Mineral foundations.

Like a redhead, you should use mineral foundation because it’s among the best types for you. It allows you to definitely show off your freckles and it’s light and airy.

5. Light Brown Eyeliner

Another makeup tip for redheads that works well is brown eyeliner in place of black. Now certainly, this will depend on three factors. Cooler areas of red your hair has, if the hair are naturally red or you’ve dyed it, and finally your natural skin tone, but light-brown eyeliner could be a best choice for redhead since it is lighter, much less cumbersome and won’t take away out of your red hair.

6. Don’t exaggerate using the mascara.

It’s also important to remember that mascara is not great when it’s overweight, especially for redheads. Try instead light mascara. It’ll make your eyes stand out. If you feel like black is simply too powerful for you, use brown mascara instead.


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