Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas

The playroom is similar to a recreational room for kids where they can play, read and relax. It’s a room in the whole house which kids can call their very own. One thing that stops parents from establishing a playroom for their children is insufficient space. Though having an room in the house which can be converted into a playroom is very convenient, it is not always necessary. Something you can do is to divide your child’s bedroom and convert half of it into playroom. An execllent idea would be to convert your attic or might be your basement into a playroom. Once you have chosen the place for the playroom, the next step would be to decorate it. So, if you wish to build a playroom for your children, here are a few ideas that you can refer to.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas
Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas

Theme of the Playroom

Decorating the playroom on the concept of a theme would be a good idea. Some of the good theme ideas for playroom are animals, cartoons, characters from the particular story, etc. If your little one loves animals, you can decorate the playroom having a jungle theme where you can decorate the area with green color paints, trees, bushes, wild flowers, pictures or paintings of animals, etc. Some of the best themes for a girl’s playroom would be that of a princess or barbie doll. However, there is no need to stick to a particular theme. Rather, it’s also fine to decorate the room inside a simple yet creative way.

Flooring and Painting

One of the most important things that has to be decided within the initial stages of playroom home design is the type of flooring that needs to be used. Never use flooring that’s too slippery for the playroom as children tend to run around and a slippery floor can result in accidents. The best type of flooring which you can use for the playroom is vinyl or ceramic tiles. To make the room more interesting, it might be best to use tiles of various colors and patterns. This variety will help you in dividing the playroom for a number of activities. For instance, you can have different colors of tiles for play area, reading area, painting and bedroom. This can give a unique turn to the playroom.


The playroom must have furniture that suits your children’s needs. Will it be a room that they will be watching television or playing video games? If so, they’ll need comfy seating. A couch is going to do but if space or budget doesn’t permit a new couch then a handful of inexpensive beanbag chairs will work equally well. They can be stacked up in the corner if space on the floor is needed to build train tracks or play Twister. It’s also helpful to have a small table and chairs inside a playroom for art projects or games. A desk will work for this too.


The playroom is going to be full of toys, art supplies, dress-up clothes, along with other things that need a place to be placed away. This room will require plenty of storage. A favorite playroom piece is really a cubbyhole shelf that holds baskets or bins. In case your children aren’t able to read yet, fasten a picture of what belongs within the basket to the front from it so everyone will know where their toys belong. When there is a closet in your playroom attempt to add additional shelving to it or rearranging it to really make it function better. Having ample storage baskets and bins is paramount to keeping a neat playroom.


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