High-Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids

High-Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your child. It gives her the additional shot of energy she must stay alert in class and take part in school activities such as organized sports. According to Kids Health, “Skipping breakfast could make kids feel tired, restless and irritable.” Mornings could be hectic for many families, however with a little creativity you can serve your child a quick and delicious high protein breakfast.

One of the important nutrients that plays a vital role in the development of the kid is protein. You can combine high protein diet foods with other nutrients and make a wholesome healthy breakfast for your kids. No doubt, high protein breakfast is nutritious but nutritious food do not need to necessarily be boring all the time. And this is where most of the mothers fail. You must remember that kids eat using their eyes and hence making breakfast palatable and appealing for children is very important. This article provides you with some yummy high protein breakfast ideas for kids, that your kids want savoring on.

High-Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids
High-Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids


Start your child’s day with a healthy breakfast that includes protein-rich eggs. The pediatricians at Ask Dr. Sears suggest that breakfast eaters are likely to achieve higher grades and pay closer attention in class. Breakfast burritos are an excellent option for busy kids on the go. Wrap scrambled eggs, low-fat sharp cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon and chopped tomatoes inside a warm flour tortilla for an easy-to-eat portable breakfast. If you possess the time, serve a western omelet created using eggs, skim milk, green peppers, onions and cheese. Incorporate a side of turkey bacon and juice for a complete meal.

Dairy Products

Some of the protein rich milk products include, whole milk, yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese, etc. You can try various recipes with such protein rich foods; you can make milk shakes or fruit smoothies using yogurt. A layer of cheese spread on wholegrain bread, or cottage cheese sandwich can offer your kid with protein in addition to dietary carbohydrates.


Peanuts are loaded with protein but along with they also contain other nutrients for example fibers, carbohydrates, and essential fat. You are able to serve your kids with peanut brittle that is sweeter or simply spreading peanut butter on wholegrain bread can serve as a high protein and carbohydrate breakfast for kids.


Chicken, steak, and sea food is the richest supply of protein along with other essential nutrients. There are various recipes that you can try with meat only one of the easiest one, which children can consider in the morning, is sandwich stuffed with mashed chicken or other meat. You can garnish the sandwich with salads and various sauces to bring about different taste every time.

Vegetables and Fruits

If your kids are vegans there are lot of protein rich fruits and vegetables that you can provide them in the morning. You can make veg grilled sandwiches and couple all of them with peanut butter or cheese for better taste. With fruits, you may either go for smoothies or can also add them to a bowl of oats or cereals to improve the nutritional quotient of the breakfast. If, not really a fruit dish including number of freshly cut fruits tossed with fresh cream may also serve the purpose.


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