Top 5 Christian Christmas Games

Top 5 Christian Christmas Games

Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate. For Christian people, Christmas includes a religious meaning that is often lost within the consumer rush around the holidays. Celebrate together with your Christian friends by putting a religious spin on some classic holiday games. Provide plenty of holiday refreshments and create a few special treats for the winners of your games.

Here is a selection of Christian Christmas games and trivia based on the Christmas story and well-loved Christmas carols that you may like to include in your program.

Top 5 Christian Christmas Games
Top 5 Christian Christmas Games

Bingo Cards

Form a card that has options like ‘A person who sports stockings’, ‘A person who knows verse–’ or ‘A individual that is wearing red shoes’. And several so that are a mix of religious and regular items, make copies of this card and provide the card to them at the party and hang a calculated here we are their way. All of them need to find individuals who fit the bill and then tick the selection off by writing their name in the option. The first person who completes the card benefits.

Bible Quiz

Another interesting Christian Christmas game for kids is holding a Bible quiz akin to a Christmas trivia game for adults. Formulate Christmas trivia that centers on the Bible and then use that to ask questions about the Bible. Do this either as a team game or as an individual game. It works great just the same as Christian Christmas games, adults and kids can play.

Scavenger Christmas

This works on the same lines as that of the original scavenger hunt games. Divide the guests in teams of equal numbers and give them each a list which has several Christian and Christmas related items on it like a Santa cap, a Rosary etc with varying degrees of difficulty. Each team is provided with a camera so that they can get the evidence of the tougher clues. The teams have to come back in the given time. The team that comes back first, wins. There could be various variations of this game. For example, instead of a ready list of items, each clue could lead to the next clue and so on.

Stocking Surprise

Have a huge custom stocking made and then fill it with items that are related to Christmas and seal it shut so that no one can see. Have all the people at the party, feel the stocking and try to guess all the objects there are. Have a calculated time for them to do it. The person who can guess the maximum rights in that time, wins.

Balloon Game

Here is a fun Christmas games that you can use for some great fun. You’ll need to divide people into groups of three. Each team receives a bucket which has balloons in it, which need to be blown. They also have a man who’s wearing a Santa suit. A stipulated time is offered, say 5 minutes for each team. Once the whistle goes, one person starts blowing the balloons and tying them. After each balloon continues to be tied, he passes it to the second person who is blindfolded.


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