Fun Christmas Party Themes

Fun Christmas Party Themes

The concept of theme party is here to stay. We can see themes everywhere- from birthday parties to wedding parties to bachelor’s parties. Just how can a Christmas party remain behind? This festive season, rather than the run of the mill Christmas party, we suggest you to definitely throw a theme Christmas party. A lot of people are nowadays opting for theme Christmas parties. Hence, the option of themes is wider. In the following paragraphs, we have short-listed some of the most popular Christmas party themes.

Medieval Theme

Fun Christmas Party Themes
Fun Christmas Party Themes

You’ll do well if you base your Christmas party on medieval theme this year. Giving the medieval look isn’t difficult. Give your party room the look of a cellar and create the best ambience with the help of flickering torch lights. Make sure to tell your guests to come dressed like kings, queens, knights, etc. Such costumes aren’t hard to come by and some can be created even aware of a few ingenuity.

Tropical Christmas

A tropical Christmas party theme helps beat the wintertime blues. This theme works well in areas that get lots of snow. Even though the weather is cold outside, tropical Christmas party creates a warm environment. Leis, palms, grass skirts and other summer symbols work nicely amid traditional decorations. Invite guests to use shorts and Hawaiian shirts or change into them once they arrive.

Christmas in Hollywood

Create a change and enjoy the Christmas party just like a celebrity. Walk on the glamorous red carpet, enjoying Champagne within the Hollywood party. An addition includes your vote to people who you think deserve the Oscars.

White Christmas theme:

The best sight during the holiday season may be the entire town covered with a blanket of snow. The view itself calms our mind and pacifies the climate. So is the white Christmas party theme- it reflects the beauty and peaceful nature of Christmas. If you wish to stay away from the hullabaloo of the flashing reds and greens in your party, white Christmas theme would be the perfect choice. Read on to understand more about white Christmas party theme.

Christmas tree: The decoration of Christmas tree is prominent for white Christmas theme. Your outdoor Christmas tree will be covered with snow and decorated with blinking Christmas lights and ornaments. Decorate your indoor Christmas tree with strings of white Christmas lights together with garlands, bows, ribbons, bead strings, snowflakes, stars, white painted ball ornaments, Angels along with other white decorative items.

Party food: In the dining table, treat your guests with silver-coated Jordan almonds. Brighten the area with decorative white candles in silver or crystal candleholders. Spread a white jacquard tablecloth. Oysters within the shell served on a bed of rock salt are wonderful appetizers. Place hollowed-out shells of white pumpkins and serve brightly-colored foods inside them. Whipped mashed potatoes served with frothy and creamy eggnog and white flesh of the turkey together make a sumptuous feast for that white Christmas theme party.

Party dress: Since the theme is White Christmas, clothe themselves in an elegant white outfit as well as ask your guests to come in white dress. The gown code for your white Christmas theme party ought to be the simple, sober and elegant white.

Gifts: Give away gifts in white for the guests. A winter-white sweater or scarf, or perhaps a semi-transparent porcelain tea set is great gift ideas.


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