Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Best Christmas Card Photo Ideas

One of the great joys from the holidays is receiving greeting cards with photos of the friends and extended family. But taking your family photo is another story. From selecting what to wear to getting the children to cooperate, the procedure can be filled with anxiety and pressure. Whether you’re using the snapshot yourself or headed to a professional studio, follow these 5 ideas to reduce stress and get a frame-worthy photo.

Christmas Card Photo Ideas
Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Forced Perspective Photos

Play with distance and perspective images that trick the attention and the mind. You can use perspective inside your photos to make things appear larger, smaller, farther, or closer than they really are. This is a common camera trick used in fantasy films such as The Hobbit along with the holiday comedy Elf to make actors appear smaller than they really are.

Get creative and are available up with comical or artistic ways to include forced perspective into you family Christmas photos. Friends and family will be sure to get a kick out of your clever and truly original Christmas photo cards.

DIY Backdrops

A festive and bright backdrop will truly make your holiday photos standout. Take a look at some of the simple DIY backdrops below, and click on the photos for instructions on how to put them together.

Black and White

Bright and colorful family photos are wonderful, but if you’re interested in changing things up this year – try together with a dramatic black and white photograph inside your family’s Christmas photo card instead. Simple monotone shots will enable your family photo speak by itself. It will also be fun to include bright and vibrant hues to your Christmas photo card design – the pop of color will contrast nicely against your black and white photo.


Include a few candid shots on the Christmas multi-photo card. Have a photographer follow your family around and snap candid photos while you decorate your Christmas tree, prepare Christmas cookies, or host a vacation gathering. The natural shots will add personality and convey genuinely happy interactions and holiday moments your family have shared.

Christmas multi-photo card
Christmas multi-photo card


Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke, which means “blur” or “haze.” Bokeh is really a photography technique in which the background from the photo can be manipulated and blurred using a fast lens, at the widest aperture. This photo technique works especially well with background light, which with bokeh becomes blurry or altered right into a specific shape. Check out the Christmas photo cards below for some examples of what bokeh looks like. Check out this video tutorial for straightforward step-by-step instructions on how to make bokeh Christmas photos of your.


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