Halloween Costumes for Women

Best Halloween Costumes for Women 2014

For those looking for something just a little edgier this Halloween, you might want to look at some of the sexiest Original Halloween Costumes For Women on the net and anywhere can be found there.

Halloween Costumes for Women
Halloween Costumes for Women

The new twists around the latest Costumes shake up last year’s trends with women’s costumes changing being slinkier and more form fitting similarly, and longer with asymmetrical hemlines on the other. T-shirt Costumes continue to be in but have evolved into tuxedos and sexy cutoff t-shirt prints with tattoos. Captain America and Thor are this year’s Superhero hits and Women’s Superhero Costumes have grown to be longer and tighter. You can go casual this Halloween having a Duck Hunter Costume or go formal and give a Horse Head Mask to some tuxedo or glamour costume. Look like you stepped out from the pages of the Game of Thrones in stylized medieval costumes, or go barbarian using the latest Viking Costumes. Creepy Couture Costumes add high fashion to horror costumes and Military Costumes make uniforms stand at attention. Using these great costumes you can be sure that Halloween will probably be great in 2014.

Viking Costume

If you like to take a more hands-on approach to your dating, do this Viking costume- while not entirely historically accurate, you do get to swing an axe while rocking a pair of very warm high heels.

Pirate Costume

No-one’s likely to be fighting for dominion on your ship with this outfit- a layered skirt, chunky boots and slightly intimidating sword will put paid to that particular. And that tri-cornered hat is basically ideal for any occasion!

Evil Red Riding Hood

An innocent, victimised girl no longer-Red Riding Hood is growing up considerably with this outfit. That corset and people boots make sure of that. Just look out for her wolfy companion, and try to not follow her into any woods- it can’t end well…

Deadly Ninja Costume

Who says you can’t be sexy and deadly at the same time? While the heels might not be totally simple for Ninja-ing in, the hood, mask, and cool belt will set you aside from everyone who took the opportunity to just dress up like a princess.

Deadly Ninja Costume
Deadly Ninja Costume

Sexy Super Hero

Super Hero Costumes continue to evolve. Now women can look fabulous in a slinky form fitting Super Hero Costume. These wonderful Spiderman and Captain America Superhero Costumes for Women are in a shiny metallic fabric having a slit up one leg. Super Heroes never looked so awesome.

Everything Viking & Thor

The Vikings have exploded to the Halloween Costume scene this year. The Viking Barbarian Costume trend is popular for men and women with Viking costumes so amazing that you’ll think you’ve died and attended Valhalla. Or become Thor the hammer wielding Norse God of thunder and Avenger’s classic within our awe inspiring Thor Costumes.


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