Valentines Day Party Themes

Valentines Day Party Themes

Instead of organizing the typical Valentine’s Day party with a slew of cupid decorations, treat your guests to a themed party that lets them express their love and the spirit of the season.

In this fast paced world, expression seems to have taken a backseat in almost everyone’s life. We’ve all become so much engrossed in our daily work to keep up with the pace and demands of life that the importance and essence of expressing our feelings and emotions to others is long lost and gone. As such, Valentine’s Day, which is a special day dedicated to love and expression, has truly come as a rescue for all of us. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to articulate our deep felt love and care to everyone around us. Unlike the myth doing the rounds that the day is meant only for lovers, Valentine’s Day is a great time to express your love to everyone, be it partner, parents, siblings, teachers, or anyone else.

Valentines Day Party Themes
Valentines Day Party Themes

Party Themes for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Red

Red is said to be the ‘official’ color of love. And thus, obviously of Valentine’s Day too. What can be a better idea, than to make this color, a party theme for adults, and teenagers alike? You can decorate the party hall entirely, in the color red. You can do this, using lots of red heart-shaped balloons, red light bulbs, scented candles, red ribbons, confetti etc. Stick a few balloons to the ceiling, while you can let some lay simply on the floor. Welcome your guests with red roses, and bid them with candies, wrapped in red gift paper. If you have many transparent vases, pour some cranberries into them; they really do make a statement! Food can include spaghetti, red velvet cake, strawberry punch and some tantalizing jello jigglers! Attire should also include red. Last but not the least, play games like heart poppers and red beads to complete the party!

Honor Historical Couples

Host a Valentine’s Day party with guests dressed as famous couples. Narrow the theme, however, by specifying a category such as couples from a certain decade, TV shows or literature. Buy decorations and food to play up the theme, like Greek foods and decorations featuring paper columns, gold coins and tendrils of ivy if you’re asking guests to dress up as famous couples from Greek mythology, for example.

Let Singles Mingle

Organize a matchmaker-themed valentine party to help single friends find dates with similar interests. Ask guests to complete a brief questionnaire about their background, education and career, hobbies and pet peeves that other party- goers can read if they’re interested. Also ask friends to bring their favorite food as a potluck dish, along with a favorite movie, book or compact disc to use as conversation starters while mingling at the party.

A Matchmaker Party

This is a special theme! Specially for singles who wish to have a partner, for this one day (at least). Decorate the venue in any way you wish to, but add some humor and romance to it so that singles don’t feel nervous. Big cutouts of cupid waiting to strike you, can do the job. Play some romantic numbers in the background. Place candles and fresh flowers at every corner of the party hall, to make the guests comfortable. Games play an important part at this party. Keep games like truth and dare, couples’ treasure hunt, balloon balance, grab your man, paper dance etc. Valentine bingo, Valentine’s Day crafts, pin the cupid can be some party games for kids. Keep the food simple; something that people can easily carry to a corner!

Perfect Pair

This is one of the Valentine’s party themes for the couples. For this party, ask the guests to dress up as the famous couples of Hollywood, or of any walk of life. Put a big cutout of you and your partner, saying perfect pair at the entry. Decorate the party hall with posters of cute couples in love. Have games like couple quizzes, search your love blindfolded, etc. Waltz and paper dance are also a must for this party theme! At the end of the party, declare every couple as perfect and give each one a cute Valentine’s Day party favor.


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