Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples

Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to celebrate love and affection and Valentine’s day party can really add to cheer and celebration that the day is thought to bring with itself. Throwing a party for beloved one is a great idea to set atmosphere of love and romance. Have you made ideas how you will express your love with your beloved one? It would be pleasure for us if we could help you and bring both of you close to each other.

Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples
Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples

Roses, Candies, your loved one with you, and each day is a Valentine’s Day party. If you are in love, my mum had said to me, you will not need the Valentines Day party ideas, because, you will be living this party each moment. Though this is true, there is a special joy in organizing a Valentine’s day party with your loved ones and friends. To make your valentine day party a success, have a dekko at the few of my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day party:

Decorate Party Venue

To throw a party for your love or some other couples, your home will be best place. Vacant the celebration area and start decorating it. First of all collect decoration items like red and white balloons, candles, banner, pictures of you and your love, bouquets of fresh and silk flowers, center table, table cover that can also be red etc. Decorate your door to make happy welcome. Hang a banner with some love quote and welcome for romantic couple party. Spread white and red heart shaped balloons on the floor and enlighten the room with beautiful red candles. You may place a centerpiece with floating candles on table and spread rose petals on the table. Hang your pictures on one wall.

Music and Dance

How you can think of romance without music and dance? Obviously you will say it is a must so arrange music CDs and put off lights and invite your love to have dance with you. Lots of romantic songs are there to select a best one for you. You can go with your partner’s choice to make music selection.

Games and activities

Games can help you to give an entertainment look to your party. Put lots of candies in a glass jar and ask the guests to guess the number of candies. The one that guesses the closest wins the candies and other presents. Question and answer is one of the best games to play on a Valentine’s Day adult party. Ask some questions from each couple and ask them to write answer separate. The couple gets the most matched answers that will be the winner and wins the gift hamper.


Serve your guests with pink and red foods. Heart shaped pizzas and sandwich, red and pink cocktails, cup cakes can be served to invited persons. You can also add chocolates and candies in your meal menu at Valentine’s Day party.

Party Favors

Arrange for a few Valentine Day Party small gifts, like cut-outs, confetti, flowers, candy hearts, cupid arrows, 2 odd lines of love poetries and make a love hamper to give to your friends. This is a party Favor Valentines day party idea.


If there is a sleepover planned; you can arrange for some of the best love movies and watch it with your sweetheart, as will the others. In today’s time, it is just lovely to sit with your loved one and watch a romantic flick!


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