Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids 2015

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids 2015

Valentine’s Day is a fun time to show our love with cards, gifts and treats. Celebrating Valentines Day if you have young kids can be more stressful than romantic. Between getting a babysitter or putting together a food for the kids and getting them off to bed early, you can’t help but wonder why even try. This year instead of having a stressful Valentines Day for two, opt to have a day of love for the whole family. You can always have dessert after the kids are in bed! Here are some kids Valentines Day activities.

Serve a special breakfast

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids 2015
Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids 2015

Even if your kids are too young to understand Valentine’s Day, you can clue them in to the occasion with a festive Valentine’s Day kid-friendly breakfast table. And it doesn’t require a lot of work. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on a package of frozen waffles and serve them with whipped cream and chocolate or strawberry syrup. Set the table with a red tablecloth, and don’t hesitate to use the good china.

Baking Cake

This Valentine’s Day, teach the kids how to bake a cake. Let them assist you while you make the preparations and undergo the whole baking process, learning in the process. They can, later, present this cake as a Valentine’s Day gifts to their dad, granddad, grandma and even a friend.


Spend this Valentine’s Day with the children by taking them on a picnic. It might be to the nearest park or the nearest beach. What matters more than the location is that fact that you are spending quality time with them. Make sure to pack a delicious picnic basket and play a lot of games with them.

Practice acts of kindness

Together with your children, think of one nice thing you can do for each member of the family. Keep the focus on actions, not gifts. For example, maybe you and the kids can make Dad’s favorite dessert for later. Your daughter could read a story to your son. Small gestures can demonstrate big love.

Make valentine cookies

Everyone loves getting cards, but sweet treats are another beloved Valentine’s tradition. Involve the kids this year by letting them help make sugar cookies. Use heart-shaped or other holiday themed cookie cutters and decorate the cookies with icing, sprinkles, even candy hearts. The kids will love decorating the cookies almost as much as they’ll enjoy eating and sharing them with friends.

Enjoy some cinema

If it fits in the budget and there’s something playing suitable for the family, head to the theater to enjoy a matinee. Pick something that everyone can laugh at, not just the kids. If the price of tickets, popcorn and drinks is too much, enjoy a movie marathon at home. Pick two or three movies that everyone likes, and pop a giant batch of popcorn to share.

Valentine’s Day Card Holder

Using an empty cereal box, you can have your child cover it with construction paper, such as yellow with black strips around it so that it looks like a bumble bee. They can then create legs for the bee out of black construction paper and a face from more yellow paper. This can be used to hold one or more Valentine’s Day cards that their parents may receive on this special day of love.


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