Candle Light Dinner On Valentines Day 2015

Candle Light Dinner On Valentines Day 2015: Great Tips

Valentine Day, the festival of love, is just around the corner and people who are in love are now looking for ways to express their feelings to their loved ones. Although your beloved needs to be pampered throughout the year, this is one special occasion to make her feel extra special. But you need some great ideas to make it possible.

A candle light dinner remains the eternal favorite whenever you think about making the Valentine Day special for your girlfriend. Book a poolside table for two and have the place decorated with flowers and candles, along with a musician to play your favorite love song. Arrange her favorite meal along with a bottle of champagne. Ask her for a dance and whisper those romantic words in her ear to make her feel really special.

Candle Light Dinner On Valentines Day 2015
Candle Light Dinner On Valentines Day 2015

Location and setting

If you plan on having a romantic candle light dinner, you need to choose your location well. You can either have the dinner at home or at a restaurant. If you plan on having the candlelight dinner at a restaurant, you would need to choose a quiet and romantic restaurant,. If you plan on having the dinner at home, you would need to decorate the place with hearts, candles and other Valentines Day decorations.

Musical Lights

Create a romantic Valentine’s Day atmosphere with candlelight. A centerpiece with a cluster of different sizes of pillar candles will give your romantic dinner table the perfect glow, or for a different look, scatter votives across the table and windowsills.

Don’t Forget the Wine

Probably the second most important aspect of the evening, or most important depending on your viewpoint, is the choice of wine available. You should match your wine selections to the menu you curate. This will mean that both the wine and the meal will taste better as they will complement each other. The general rule of thumb is Red wine for red meats, white wine for white meat and seafood. Although there are some wines that will work with the opposite, it is a safe assumption if you are unsure.

Set the Mood with Music

Moving on from the lights, the choice of music is equally important in setting the mood of the evening. Choosing fast, pumping music will stir the wrong kind of feelings about the evening and may overshadow your efforts. The best choice for music for the evening is to stick to slower, less intrusive tracks. That way, you can easily talk to your partner over them. The purpose of background music is to help fill in any gaps in conversation so that you do not have to be constantly talking, without any awkwardness.


If you want to have a truly romantic candlelight dinner for you and your partner, ensure that it comes as a surprise to your partner. This would not only take your partner by surprise but also set the mood for a very romantic evening.



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