Top 6 Summer Activities For Teens

Top 6 Summer Activities For Teens

The summer season is perhaps the most favourite of all seasons to most people. The advent of summer will differ in different countries. We refer to the start of the season with the coming of hot sunny days. Since ancient times, the summer has been associated with holidays and fun time for people of all ages. Summer is a hot season associated with fresh air and bright colours. It is the time people spend most of their time outside engaged in various interesting and summer fun activities. The summer days are usually longer than the days of other seasons. It is a season of many festivals and celebrations.

Top 6 Summer Activities For Teens
Top 6 Summer Activities For Teens

Crab Soccer

Forget about a regular game of soccer and switch things up with a game of crab soccer. In this game, goals are set up at opposite ends of the outdoor field. Then, one person is to be designated as the umpire, and everyone is split up into two teams, with each team member being given a number. A soccer ball is placed in the middle of the field and when the umpire calls a number, the person whose number is called from each team must then crab walk to the soccer ball and attempt to kick the ball into the goal. Whoever successfully kicks the ball into their goal wins a point and both players return to their spots so the next pair can take their turn. To make the game more interesting, two numbers can be called at once.

Summer Olympics

One of the many fun facts about summer is that it is the time for summer Olympics. The Olympics was begun in ancient times in the Greek Empire and continue even today, hosted every four years.

Summer theater

Most towns have a summer theater plan, and if your teenager has an interest in the arts, this may be the perfect activity for him or her. Watch your local entertainment section of the newspaper for auditions, or if he likes working behind the scenes, he might consider volunteering as a stagehand.

Social clubs

Many areas have social clubs, and for teens who like this type of environment, there are plenty of opportunities. Most social clubs do a variety of volunteering, and they also plan lots of fun activities.

Frisbees and summer

Frisbees in the past were actually greased pie plates, which people began to throw to each other in parks during summer. This is how frisbees evolved into an interesting game and they became fun facts about summer season.

Summer movie season

The advent of summer also marks the release of a lot of movies in Hollywood. This may be because of the teenagers and other youngsters with a lot of free time to watch movies and is among fun facts about summer season.


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