Romantic Wedding Night Gifts for Your Husband

Romantic Wedding Night Gifts for Your Husband

Your wedding night is very special in lots of ways. Not only you get more closer to your partner, but also indulge in manners to make the nighttime special and comfortable. In virtually all the cultures of the planet, the newly wed young couples present wedding night gifts to one another.

There are many tips and ideas that you can try to make your wedding night as romantic and memorable as you want.The most effective of these is to present your husband a gift that he really likes and it should also help in making the things more comfortable, romantic and smooth making the way for the most intimate and beautiful night for your life.

Romantic Wedding Night Gifts for Your Husband
Romantic Wedding Night Gifts for Your Husband

Honeymoon Experiences

If you have already planned your honeymoon trip, then you can make it more special by adding some more fun into it by gifting some additional honeymoon experience that he would love. You can purchase tickets or book an attraction that your husband would really enjoy your honeymoon or some scuba diving lessons, spa and massage packs for both of you and some other activities he enjoys doing. It would surely make him feel special and he would get to know how well you understand him and care for him.

Personalized Mug

A coffee mug or a beer mug painted in his favorite color and with some romantic messages or even a photo of you together can be a good gift idea for him on this special occasion. You can also make it little more romantic and special by choosing a photo of you while hugging or kissing each other. This would be very romantic and very special gift for him that he would cherish forever. And it would be great to start off your wedding night with a mug of coffee or even beer what ever you prefer in this personalized mug capturing the moments of love between you and him.

Digital Camera

If your husband is fond of photography or even if he isn’t, a digital camera or camcorder would make a really practical gift that he can use in daily life or on the special occasions. And why not start with taking a snap of you both together on this special night to keep the memories alive for the lifetime. While buying this one, you should have a little knowledge about cameras and get to know good brands or the ones he likes. If you don’t have much knowledge about them, you should opt for the trusted brands like Nikon, Sony Cybershot, Olympus etc.


Purchase a few new lingerie outfits for your wedding night. You can model a few different styles to see what grabs your husband’s attention, or pick out a special set you know he’ll like if you know his lingerie taste. Try on any wedding night lingerie ahead of time to make sure you feel sexy in it and that it’s easy to put on. Anything remotely difficult should wait for another night, as you may be tired or nervous on your wedding night.

Practical Gifts

Give him something practical that he can use in everyday life if you aren’t keen on an intimate gift. A piece of jewelry, such as a nice watch or cuff links, can be inscribed with a special message, pet name or your wedding date. Inscribe a message on a personal music player if he’s a music buff. Purchase a first-edition book or set of books by his favorite author if he’s an avid reader. Tailor your gift to his interests.


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