spanish wedding customsspanish wedding customs

Spanish Wedding Traditions & Culture

Traditional Spanish weddings are rich with symbolism and cultural significance. Festive and lavish, Spanish weddings are joyful celebrations that emphasize feasting, drinking, dancing and having fun. Although many modern Spanish couples are opting for more westernized weddings, there are still a number of important customs that make Spanish weddings unique.

spanish wedding customsspanish wedding customs
spanish wedding customs

Gold Coins

According to a unique custom of Spanish wedding, the groom presents thirteen Arras or gold coins to the bride in a special box. These coins are blessed from the priest that represents Jesus and the twelve Apostles. The groom exchanges these coins that symbolizes his commitment towards his bride and a promise to support her financially as well as in other terms. Later on, these coins are preserved as family heritage.

Wearing a White Wedding Dress

The wearing of a white dress was traditionally the symbol of purity and virginity that the bride was giving to her husband.


Orange blossoms are a traditional Spanish wedding flower. They’re likely to be incorporated into the bouquets, corsages, headpieces and decorations. They represent a life of happiness and fulfillment.

The Rings

The rings are a symbol of the union of the bride and groom which they give to each other after exchanging vows.

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake was traditionally cut by the bride and handed out to all the wedding guests. These days the bride and groom cut the cake together with a large knife or a sword as their first task together in their new life. They then give each other a bite of the cake as a symbol of the change in relationship from mother to child, now they feed each other.

Wedding Photography

Our skilled photographers will photograph all of the special moments from your wedding day! They will make sure your precious memories last forever, on beautiful prints of any size you wish! You will be proud to share these quality wedding photos with your loved ones.

Wedding Dance

Spanish wedding ceremony is incomplete without the traditional dance named seguidillas manchegas by couple and the guests. It is also common practice to have a live band perform at the wedding.


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