Fruit Peel For Better Health

Eat These Fruit Peel For Better Health

Fruit peels are highly nutritional for your well being. By consuming these peels you are adding more vitamins and proteins to your diet.

When you’re chopping up fruits and vegetables for juices and smoothies, it seems as if half of the produce goes in the garbage in the form of rinds, peels and skins. Well guess what, you might have been throwing away some valuable nutrients! Rich in health-protective phytochemicals and antioxidants, the outer layers of fruits and vegetables are often more nutritious than the food they protect.

Fruits like apple, cucumber and orange must be consumed for better heart health, prevention of diseases and most of all to keep your immunity strong.

Fruit Peel For Better Health
Fruit Peel For Better Health


Orange peel is highly nutritious. Eating the peel will help you to stay away from heart diseases. It also improves oral health, relieve respiratory problems, prevent constipation and heartburn.


The dark green skin contains the majority of a cucumber’s antioxidants, insoluble fiber and potassium. The Cucumber Peel also holds most of its vitamin K. The next time you have a Greek salad, ask the chef not to peel your cukes.


The thick skin of this red juicy fruit helps to prevent you from getting a sore throat. It is also good in treating gum problems due to the presence of iron.


Since the skin of a carrot is the same color as what’s directly beneath it (like a tomato or a red pepper), the peel and its flesh have similar nutritional properties. However, the highest concentration of phytonutrients is found in a carrot’s skin or immediately underneath. Just rinse the carrot thoroughly rather than peeling it.

banana peel
banana peel


A banana peel is highly recommended for you to consume. In fact it has more fibre than the fruit itself. Banana peels have amino acids called tryptophan which is highly concentrated than the insides. The peel should be eaten to treat eye infections.


All watermelon contains citrulline, which has antioxidant properties and converts to arginine, an essential amino acid that is beneficial to the heart, immune system and circulatory system. But most of that citrulline is found in the rind. Eating a rind might sound unappetizing, but it can be pickled (like a cucumber), or simply sautéed and seasoned. Or throw it in a blender with the watermelon flesh, and add some lime.


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