ludo board game

Top 6 Best New Board Games of the Year

The best board games are hardly talked about these days because kids these days are into gaming and computer games that have more complex programs than software projects! However, some board games have been popular for over generations are people still continue to play them. Moreover not only kids play board games; it is a favourite pass time of adults too. Here are some of the best board games that have survived the test of time and the competition of video games.

Snakes & Ladders

ludo board game
ludo board game

Although this game has a computer version, the charm of seeing a board full of snakes and ladders is just different. Played almost synonymously with the previous board game for kids, this used to often on on the back side of the Ludo board. Any number of players can play this simple game. You roll the dice and move on; a ladder gives you a free rise upwards and the snakes bring you down.


Sapiens is one of the shorter games on this list, having about a 40 minute playtime. But, that doesn’t make it any less awesome. It’s a domino-like game that’s actually fun, and is playable with up to four players. As clan chief, players will guide their people through the valley, hunting and gathering food, discovering safe caves to shelter them from winter and interact with other nomad groups. Connecting tiles to create a path for your tribe through the valley. At the end of the game, players compare their domains, and the player with the most points in the weaker domain wins the game.


Again a popular board game that still continues to be popularly played or else the toy brands won’t be coming up with new versions of it. You are learning in play an important concept; value for money and acquiring a sharp business sense. Usually you have at least 2 people play this came of which one has to be the banker. You roll the dice and go through financial transactions at every step. The one who manages his or her finances better wins in the end.


Can anybody deny missing the good old board of Ludo with its 4 houses and long winding paths. It is the most basic of gamed and yet we still remember it. It is a game of 4 where each one takes a house of a particular colour. They get 6 coins that will have to travel the board and reach home ‘ripe’. Now the element of chance in this Popular ludo board game comes from the roll of the dice and the peculiar rules of it.


Well well, it is gambling we are talking about and that is serious business. However, this board game involves a great deal of logic and is played with fake money. If this is gambling then so is monopoly or scrabble or any other game. This game has been picked up by Casinos to make it a gambling game but the basic premise involves logic and mathematics.

Mouse Trap

Trap mice in the mousetrap, without getting trapped yourself! Collect bits of cheese and build your mousetrap in this fun game! If you’re the last mouse captured, you win. A little bit of competition is great for kids “ helps them blow off some pent up sibling or parent frustration! Great fun, more for the older kids.


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