Window Grill Designs

How to Choose A Proper Window Grill Designs

Window grills are very essential to the security of your home. While interior trends are now moving towards windows without grills, there are many who still feel the need for the security of barred windows. Moreover, if you have a toddler in your home, having window grills is very important. The good news is that you dont have to compromise on the aesthetics of your windows. Nowadays you can come up with your own window grill design and companies will customize them for you. You also get a whole range of window grills in various materials and design.

There are two major reasons why grilles can be used, to keep those in the home in and those outside the home out, in the case of invaders. The purpose of keeping things in will apply on pets and children that may play around big windows and doors overlooking balconies and stairs. In the case of breakage, the grill will hold anything from toppling over and plunging down. They are a ideal way of keeping your home safe. How do you choose an ideal home grille? There are many myths that come with window grilles. We will handle five common ones while giving you tips on how to pick the best grille for your home.

Window Grill Designs
Window Grill Designs

Grill Type

Depending on your window, the grills can be either a sliding one or fixed type. The principle behind this one would normally rest on the purpose and personal choice of a homeowner. Windowgrill detailed that, “sliding grills are preferred over casement and fixed types because they are safer. Fixed grill is a rare choice and casement grills are considered dangerous when installed inward open. However, some homeowners still prefer fixed over sliding in cases where the window has accessibility from outside. A fixed grill is sometimes regarded as a sealed potential fire exit by some.”

Mild Steel Grilles

Mild steel grilles usually come with simple design, such as straight bars, or square grids with minimal fancy design.

There are two type of additional process to the grilles. Spray painted need maintenance by repaint it every 2 to 3 years due to the weather in Malaysia. For powder coated, the grilles will place into oven after spray painted to make sure the paint is permanently stayed on grille surface. A long lasting and climate resistant quality smooth surface created then.

Wrought Iron Grilles

Wrought iron grilles are more popular this day. It actually mild steel grilles which do extra hammering process. That is why we can saw uneven texture on the surface. It gained a lot of popularity because there is variety of design available compared to mild steel.

Besides that, wrought iron grilles will not tarnish easily. The price of grilles depends on the design too. However, wrought iron grilles are thinner than mild steel grilles to create more shape design. The toughness is reduce and easy to saw through.

Stainless Steel Grilles

This is the most expensive materials to make a grille. Stainless steel grilles are very strong and do not tarnish. They only colour of stainless steel grilles is silver and the design are limited.

Beautification or Safety

Material of the grills would definitely depend on your purpose. If it would be for beautification, then there might be no need for a metallic or steel grill. However, in most cases, safety is the reason for putting up some window grills, depending on the crime index of your place; you may choose a wooden grill or a steel grill for added protection.


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